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    @voidfiles Right now, I can click on a *.html file on any system (Windows/Mac/Linux), and it will be displayed fully-formatted---making html as the perfect text file format. First, We must be able to do that with markdown files http://rumproarious… []
      @zames_curran you can do the same thing wit markdown files. They are just plain text.
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        @voidfiles But not fully-formatted... And if the output isn't formatted, what's the point of markdown?
          @zames_curran Markdown works in source format, and output format. The annotations in source format are a form of structure, that just so happen to be easy to write, and read.
            @voidfiles @zames_curran Agreed. It is great to be able to see a 'rendered' version quickly. But it is perfectly comprehensible in plaintext which is a key benefit to using it. I hope commonmark becomes a real thing.
              @voidfiles @zames_curran On Mac, you can install a Quick Look extension for MultiMarkdown, and hit space in Finder to preview .md files. I dunno what primitive platforms do for that.