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    A Lid for every Pot, an App for every Device - Types of Software Applications
      Fojusi [] has a new design now and you get promo codes: R7Y3AKKXLTNR WJEHP6YRY99Y 679TFPJYLNHF H7XTWMRPK4Y6 YJR7MJ7NWM7F
        Hope you enjoy: Mandelblüte #photoapp Just have a look at my other Photos []
          The @infodriveway Company is pleased to announce that they will launch their new service #afterdark as a service. Pricing and availability will be announced in a press conference later today. Stay tuned as the story develops.
            Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls - The Life of a Software Application
              Anyone wanna play some Cards Against Humanity? Wanna test this cardsagainstoriginality thing.
                To get Kiwi working, for those interested its Finder -> Library -> Catches -> Find the folder and delete it Kiwi should be closed while doing this.
                  Hey ADN! Is anyone familiar with posting stuff on People Per Hour? Have some questions about uploading recommendations.
                    Just been announced on the radio that Terry Pratchett has died 😞
                      How to Think like a Software Engineer
                        You would think that a world obsessed with Dr. Who could deal with a one hour time shift. But, no, it's bitch bitch bitch. :)
                          In honor of my story being pirated, I’ve made it free for the week! Use this code at checkout: GY27B. From the Smashwords store: I’d really appreciate anyone helping to spread this around. 😊 Allons-y! #author Image []
                            Q: What should our #ThemeMonday theme be on 9th March - THIS Monday?! Please repost. x Vote on @polls at
                              Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production [] Graphic Means explores the history of graphic design production, before the advent of the desktop computer. Launched 56 hours ago in #GraphicDesign. At 12% with 65 backers.
                                “... I run my own server. It's a huge pain. Is it more secure than alternatives? Yes. Less secure? Also yes.”
                                  Honestly, I think if you want things to keep going, chip in the $36. It may be irrational, but if we all do the rational thing then ADN’s switch-off is not only assured but accelerated.
                                    Pursue what you love, enjoy the journey and never stop learning!
                                      Sorry for the downtime—the replacement switch just failed in exactly the same way as the old one. Will try to figure out what's going on, but there may be a bit more downtime if it breaks again before I figure out what's going on.
                                        The wait is over, the @Swiqademy #SoftwareEngineering #blog is live. Sign-up and Learn! Free #tutorials and premium #courses coming soon.