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    How many neodymium magnets can someone “safely” eat. 1 is obviously pretty safe, but I can’t imagine 2 would be that dangerous… Anyone covered under Obama care want to test it out?
      @pth I’m in the UK, we eat magnets for breakfast.
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          @pth I think you want to worry about how far apart you eat them. To far and they might be adjacent in the folds of the bowel and stick together…
            @jxpx777 right lots of experiments need to be conducted.
              @pth The issue with magnets is that they snap together in your small intestine, and the damage caused is approximate to a gunshot wound to the gut.
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                  @wolfster @pth This. One magnet is no biggie. "This too shall pass." Two can be very bad.
                    @wolfster sure, if you eat enough of them, but any proof that 2 can cause damage?
                      @mailman1175 @pth one magnet can be bad also. There are situations you can be in that can pull it out of your body forcefully. And iron fillings are a common method of "fortifying" food ...
                        @pth Yeah. Only takes two. More just reduces the slim chance that they will remain sufficiently distant to pass clear of each other.
                          @pth the trick of course is to swallow them all at once...and stay away from electrified cyclone fences until your magnets are eliminated. The harm is when a follower two turns back in the digestive tract makes a bee-line for the leader. Surgery or death?
                            @pth Two is bad because they can pinch tissue in the bowels and cause obstruction. Have you tried putting two on your earlobe or your lip? They stick and hurt.
                              @pth eating two magnets is one of the worst things you can eat.
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                                @pth Two sounds about right since then you run the risk of them pinching part of your intestine permanently.
                                  @pth if you have any metal in you (ski accident anyone?), even one is dangerous...
                                    @pth any more than one is potentially life threatening. They can be attracted in your GI tract and tear through.
                                      @pth I assume eating two that are already stuck together wouldn't be too dangerous. Eating magnets separately sounds potentially lethal though.
                                        @pth I have a few magnets but I would want to clean the magnets first.
                                          @pth Yeah, there’s a reason Buckyballs have been banned from sale…
                                            @connor_g I didn't know they were banned