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    Just realized only now that the tail of the Q in the QuickTime Player icon is a second hand on a clock. I.e. the “time” in “QuickTime”.
      @gruber it was more obvious during Apple Extended Pro II days
        @gruber yeah, there was even an animation where the hand moved. Demo movie or something.
          @gruber Ditto the old main Quicktime logo.
            @gruber It used to be completely obvious, but it seems like every new version of QuickTime Player further deemphasizes the clock-ness.
              @gruber You just lost some major geek cred. You know that, right?
                @gruber really? I think I remember back in the early days when launching quicktime it even had a quick animation of the hand moving around the dial. google foo fails me in finding a video of it though.
                  @gruber actually, looking at the old icons for quicktime, the older versions were more clock like. The new one has the hand integrated to the Q tail whereas before it was at the 2 o'clock position
                    @gruber Spotted that at first release, but I was also targeting the API at the time (early 90s?)
                      @gruber Today's dark grey and blue icon for QuickTime X looks like a car tire with a tire clamp on. At least, Apple hasn't renamed the application to iTime or iQuick.
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                          @gruber depends which icon you are looking at.
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                            @gruber the original QuickTime logo was sweet: a potato sitting on a couch.
                              @pipequanta @gruber I think that’s it. Hand doesn’t move, but it’s got those radial wipes. I have had a keychain with that logo for the past billion years. Just retired it last month, as it came apart. Our spare house key.
                                @gruber This just in: The Finder icon is a face, and a profile of *another* face!
                                  @jsnell No, I'm pretty sure there was one (or more) with a moving hand. Where, I have no idea…
                                    @gruber The clock metaphor was even stronger with QuickTime 7.
                                      @jsnell @gruber A shame about the keyring - how nostalgic! I’m not sure which QuickTime version that movie was introduced with; it’s at least 3.0, perhaps earlier.
                                        @siracusa @jsnell @gruber I think the moving hand was in the extension icon as the computer started up
                                          @pipequanta @gruber So it goes. I still have it; it’s just been taken out of service.
                                            @jsnell @pipequanta The difference is, in the old QuickTime logo, the clock hand was distinct from the tail of the Q. The genius of the new one is they’re integrated.
                                              @gruber @jsnell @pipequanta Due to the shadow on the new one, it appears the clock hand is “stuck”, which makes my OCD twitch.
                                                @gruber @jsnell It’s far more polished, and seems obvious in hindsight. Wasn’t the original logo pre-Steve, and the unified arrow post? One of his little details?