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    Current Status: Bringing Keynote ’09 to its very limits… Also… going into nitty gritty details like processor registers… #Macoun
      Nochmal für alle: Es gibt ein "Get Together" am Vorabend zur #Macoun im Depot: #vielPlatzfürweitereReservierungen
        This is a wonderful place. @ S F Hardware
          The six stages of debugging: 1. That can't happen. 2. That doesn't happen on my machine. 3. That shouldn't happen. 4. Why does that happen? 5. Oh, I see. 6. How did that ever work?
            @terhechte When Appetizer window is open could "Show.." menu change to "Hide Appetizer"? —
              @terhechte Huh. Yeah, search field works. Somehow I typed Cmd-F and that just beeped. Guess I mixed that up with Echofon.
                @terhechte suggestion for Appetizer: an option so it just stays where it is when it reloads, rather than automatically scrolling to the top. (And oh yeah, stream markers too!) Thanks.
                  Just heard from @sippndipp that added support for
                    @terhechte timschroedernet has links that aren't clickable. maybe because they don't have http:// preceding?
                      @terhechte also an idea; for the icons on the top titlebar could you make it so if you clicked on the icon that's already selected it would scroll to the top and refresh the view? cheers 2/2
                        @terhechte found another bug in appetizer: when someone attaches a picture to a post like with the thumbnail shows up w/ cursor changing to indicate clickable but clicking it just makes the mac beep and nothing happens.
                          @terhechte feature request: could you implement url expansion preview somehow? i hate clicking on links I don't know.
                            @terhechte @mattgemmell @uli @marcozehe And one more idea: Can I interest you in displaying not just how long ago a message was written, but also what the local time for the author was?
                              @terhechte @avidwriter Hey when it does let me know, I'll get it listed on our applications page. Plus update it so that I actually get to use the notifications I want. :)
                                @terhechte did you checked your "screenshot" feature on a Retina MacBook? I think not :( #nt
                                  @terhechte Hi, not sure if its been reported but using Mobypicture to post a isight image crashes Appetizer