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    Imaging a skeuomorphic-free, all-aluminium iOS 7
      @reneritchie love the Game Center remake but I LIKE skeumorphism in iBooks. I think the problem with taking the skeumorphism out of iOS is that you’re not left with much when it’s gone. With Win8 it was fine because it let developers work faster.
        @reneritchie Oh boy. Windows 95 on iOS :( As much of an asshole Forstall was (maybe/probably/I don’t know), as much as I hate to see Skeumorphism going away… I like that actually…
          @reneritchie Interesting visual exploration. Your assessment on usability being key is similar to Max Rudberg’s: “If you can use textures and UI effects to help you with that goal, I think you should.”
            [Post deleted]
              @reneritchie we'll see. That Game Center redesign is atrocious.
                If I was doing product design at Apple (🐷🚀), Find my Friends might follow this redesign [] by @reneritchie, but iBooks would stay the same, Game Center would turn into something more like PS Home or Miiverse, a virtual arcade with your friends in it.
                  @morais @reneritchie do you really believe anything else than a digitally-augmented real world language (skeuomorphism) can scale? The mockups you listed in that article are already failing ux, usability-wise. That twitter example has cognitive overload.
                    @lmjabreu @morais I believe in the right tool for the right job in the right amount :)
                      @reneritchie good article, inspired me to do some musing on why people hate skeuomorphic design quite so much…
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                        @stevec Your description of Windows is exactly why I deactivated my FB acct again. I had deactivated a month ago and decided to see if I could manage it better. Logging back in was going from calm to chaos. I deactivated again and haven't looked back.
                          @reneritchie IMO you haven’t removed skeuomorphism, you’ve just removed textures (and the charm of the OS). Indeed you retain the most significant skeuomorphic elements: e.g. the book thumbnails and the highway sign distances.
                            @reneritchie @morais fair enough. Sorry about the inclusion of 'really' in that reply, made it sound harsher than I meant. I find skeu. a very expressive and efficient language. Having read a lot about cognition recently, it's hard not to use it.