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    Just published the second edition of my Siri reference book (in German). The new edition covers the changes in iOS 7 and lists over 500 Siri commands. Please visit my blog for all the details:
    sonium anonymity extension. #Zerocoin is a proposed extension to the #Bitcoin network that adds anonymity to Bitcoin payments. As paper currency once gained its value from being redeemable for gold, zerocoins gain their value from Bitcoins
        Not a fan of the iOS 7 Music app’s fake animated equalizer graph for the currently-playing song. As an engineer, I don’t like it lying. As a designer, I don’t like how unsatisfying the short animation loop is.
          Großartige Entscheidungshilfe, ob man in einem Seminar eine Frage stellen soll... (hk)
            I’ve spent more time listening to @siracusa talk about video games than I’ve spent playing video games in my entire life.
              I like this guy for not only publishing by himself but also improving the open source infrastructure:
                Maybe that's the way to go, no more cooking, but healthy food: Soylent