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    @danfrakes campfire chicken pony blue train glass
      iPhone + Lightning to USB + Glif + Filco Ninja Image []
        @siracusa You used "Mavericks" 179 times in one article. You almost beat out 2012 Sarah Palin.
          Here's something wild: I noticed that the "tags" in Mavericks have picked up on the tags I gave to docs in OS 8 or so, almost 20 years ago, when tags last existed. They've been waiting all this time. Amazing.
            Still funny, every time Hey guys []
              @jimray I actually disagree. “Free” is a very different price from any other number. I think the OS being free exempts it from pricing comparisons, while $19.99 definitely (and sadly) did not.
                @jimray Free apps are perhaps a somewhat different matter, but I’d definitely rather they were free than cut-rate (as they were before).
                  I just tapped a link to a mobile site and it didn’t ask for my location, splatter a “SUBSCRIBE NOW” ad across the page, or scroll back to the top halfway through reading. Am I… am I dead? Wait, never mind, here’s the alert that their forum has an iPad app
                    Off to have sushi with my editor. Note to writers and freelancers: this is how we do it.
                      My biggest regret in not sticking with nursing and becoming a nursing professor is missing out on choosing great lecture titles: Day 1: “Bed Bath and Beyond” Day 2: “ermaGERD”
                        Say what you will about the visual styling, but iOS 6’s picker was far easier to use.
                          Touch ID is the best iOS 7 icon yet.
                            1 year old walks in with my iPad. I ask for iPad. She shakes head, leaves, returns with blanket, and hands blanket to me. Still holding iPad, leaves the room shaking head. True story.
                              If you have a passcode on your iPad (or iPhone) and use an external Bluetooth keyboard, you don’t need to slide to unlock. Just start typing your passcode on your external keyboard, and iOS will figure it out. Image []
                                Reminder: A good pen is a promise to an empty page.
                                  This day job is really getting in the way of my writing.
                                    The camera app in iOS 7 on an iPhone 5 shows as much of your photo as the first camera app on the first iPhone did. Something something emphasize content. (To my eyes, the new chrome also seems much "heavier".) —
                                      There is only one measure: artist’s intent. 1) Does the work embody the intent? 2) Is the intent itself noble? If you’re gonna critique Vesper, don’t be petty about fame or thick-headed about feature lists. Discover the intent, pin your judgement there.
                                        So just to summarize InstaPockability will be a bimonthly magazine service for archiving the captions on other people’s T-shirts to read later on your Newton, Aeropress, and Sodastream. Did I miss anything?