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    Thinking o switching from Alfred to LaunchBar after listening to @shawnblanc and @macsparky. Anyone have an opinions?
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      @eck Where were @shawnblanc and @macsparky discussing Alfred and Launchbar?
        @shawnblanc @eck @macsparky Launchbar wins for me because I typically don’t have to see it to get it to do what I want. Very unobtrusive once you get used to it.
          @eck Never Alfreded at length, but love and use the heck out of the following LaunchBar features: clipboard manager, she’ll script prompt, double-command to act on selected text/Finder items, Contacts lookup. Oh, and, uh, launching apps.
            @eck Ooh, and spacebar with Mac App Store selected to search. Ooh, and 1Password integration. Ooh, and ‘Set Desktop Background.'
              @agiletortoise I agree. It's very unobtrusive. And the ability to assign abbreviations easily too. @shawnblanc @eck @macsparky
                @tkilgour @shawnblanc @macsparky sorry, I guess that was misleading. Not together, separately on their respective podcast :)
                  @agiletortoise @shawnblanc @macsparky yeah, that is one reason why I'm interested in switching. Originally I went with Alfred for its design and price, now I'm thinking LaunchBar might be the better choice
                    @tullyhansen what kind of integration does it have with 1Password?
                      @agiletortoise @shawnblanc @eck @macsparky I guess I don’t understand how Alfred could be intrusive. It’s a little hat that sits inside bartender. Where was this discussion?
                        @chrisobrien @agiletortoise @shawnblanc @macsparky it's more when you actually use it. It takes up much more space on the screen than Launchbar does
                          @eck See – in practice, it's cmd-space, type a few characters of site, press return, unlock @1password keychain if locked, boom. Logged in.