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    The Elevation Labs Lightning adapter is very underwhelming. It took 15 minutes and several tries to get it set. Even when it’s properly in place, I worry I’m breaking my cable, and the phone doesn’t come out with any ease. In short: Steer clear.
      @pbones That’s bad news :( They *finally* shipped my dock after many many months. All my devices are Lightning now so it’s useless.
        @pbones The fact that the Lightning connector snaps into the iPhone is what ruins the “magic” of the Elevation Dock. The iPhone doesn’t just pop out one handed.
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            @matthewdrayton I haven’t - had been waiting for this.
              @shawnblanc Hmm - yeah, I suppose that’s likely. Unfortunate, as it’ll mean any dock has the same issue. I liked being able to grab and go.
                @pbones @shawnblanc While replacing the board with the cable, I realized paying extra for the ‘plus’ model with the audio out port was a total sucker move. Now there’s just a hole in the back of the dock.
                  @shawnblanc @pbones it’s a matter of weight. Something I mentioned in my review of the elevation. More weight and you’re ok. A release button which pushes the phone out would also work.
                    @pbones thanks for the heads up, although your timing sucks I ordered one last week.
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                        @pbones Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking about buying one but will hold off for now.
                          @pbones Not to mention the lack of audio out.
                            @pbones Bummer. My order for two just shipped yesterday. So now I'm thinking: can the Lightning cable being dedicated to the Dock be modified to extend the notches on the sides all the way to the end of the connector so the "click" latching doesn't happen?