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      @secboffin I use Felix, if you're looking for recommendations.
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          @secboffin It was hard to switch to after years of Tweetbot=>Netbot, but I'm enjoying it now that I made the puck be a toolbar.
            @secboffin Oops. Better make sure I don't delete the app accidentally!
              @secboffin They had already lost interest in ADN and removed the link from their site last year. I expect when ADN shut down the incentive program, Tapbots also pulled the app.
                +1 >> @acf: @secboffin I use Felix, if you're looking for recommendations.
                  @ojmason @secboffin If you've already purchased it, it will still be in the "purchased" tab in the App Store for re-download. However I'd recommend Felix over Netbot anyway. It's the best ADN app out there. Riposte is also very good.
                    @manton @secboffin it's interesting that they still sell Tweetbot... I wonder if Twitter's developer incentive program (hahahahahagahahahahah). Still, not a lot of money in A•n going forward, I suppose.
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