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    @berg open source? When?
      There are two kinds of people in the world: those who do nothing because they are certain none of their ideas are worth pursuing and somebody is already doing it better and cheaper anyway, and those who make things.
        70M posts. 397611 accounts.
          I'm @EinnorSetul on Twitter these days.
            I’m @cgiffard on twitter. But you probably won’t find me there with any regularity, even after ADN folds.
              And so it ends.
                Anyone have a total on how many marriages came from ADN?
                  Heard the news. Sad but inevitable. I'm on Facebook and my twitter name is @eyescraw although I don't post there very often. Thanks everyone for the fun, we had a great thing while it lasted!
                    Idea: a social network that kicks you out when you get too famous, and celebrities are barred from having accounts.
                      now i'm crying! :'(
                        @33mhz it can be moved and re-adapted but is a good alternative
                          Well then! It's been a fun ride. And as much as I loved lurking here, I don't really see myself switching to another network.
                            Thanks everyone for your support and all the fun and the discussions we had over the years! It was a blast! And I learned so much!
                              Wow. Just heard the news. Was just talking about today and how good it was/is/could still be. The dev program was the best. As was all of the good people I met here. OPEN SOURCE IT.
                                I am never an ADN heavy user but it’s sad to see it go :(
                                  You all know where to find me, and if you don't, shoot me an email at Here's to @dalton and @berg for letting us meet, and for giving us all a playground for the last 4 1/2 years. SO SAY WE ALL!
                                    I've heard the news that ADN is to close in a couple of months. To everyone here or returning in the next few weeks, my thanks; it was quite the adventure.* I'm the same username at 10C & Twitter. *This: :)
                                      Sad to see shutdown this coming March. But glad I was part of it and made apps and tools for you all. I will remove Chimp and fileZ from the AppStore or maybe make them free until shutdown date. My web tools will stay available as well.
                                        So I whipped up a small something so that we can at least try and find each other in the future. Please share and pass on! @simon_w @33mhz @matigo @cgiffard @jws @indigo @lasar @jeremycherfas @manton @hazardwarning