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    Excellent and eclectic list. I wholeheartedly agree with including @rohdesign's The Sketchnote Handbook and the Field Guides by my friend @macsparky. Thanks for sharing! >> @patrickrhone: Books I've Read 2013
      Side note, @mikevardy and I added a few related live interviews with @macsparky, @brooksduncan, @rohdesign and Marc & Angel from WDS. Would love your thoughts on them. Is this something we should continue to try and add?
        The Sketchnote Typeface from @rohdesign has been released! I've been looking for an excuse to use it since I saw it.
          Talking sketchnotes with The Sketchnote Handbook author @rohdesign
            Yesterday I met @rohdesign and he gave me this great moleskine. I even showed him my sketchnotes. Thanks a lot! it was amazing! #sxsw
              @mschechter @rohdesign I've been using it like a demon in meetings the last couple of days and as you say, very heavy on the text with just the occasional pic. Lots of arrows though! I've been looking forward to the next meeting... that says it all!
                @mschechter @rohdesign Welcome to my life, Michael. Just got the book and started doodleing like in 3rd grade (which is kind of awesome…)
                  Why? Why did I wait this long to get @rohdesign’s Sketchnotes? Encouraging me to push past my dread of paper.
                    @rohdesign Thanks! The Sketchnote Handbook is a life-changing product worth sharing. It's also just fun :)
                      @rohdesign I showed my officemate some sketchnotes from today's talk and it took him all of 2 seconds to buy the book and want try it tomorrow. He's been an academic for over 50 years but has been looking for sketchnoting all his life I think.
                        I was waiting to get @rohdesign’s book as a Christmas present, but I got an Amazon gift card instead. My order was delivered today! Beautiful!
                          The act of creating, of building something in reality that once only existed in our thoughts, allows the divine to pierce through our clouded existence like sunlight through a parted curtain.
                            That moment where you begin to realize your in a whole new age bracket that, not to long ago, yo thought of as “old”.
                              >> @patrickrhone: @ronnreeger Thanks. If you have not bought @rohdesign's excellent book yet you should. << I'll second that. Have only had time to make it halfway through so far, but it's great.
                                @ronnreeger Thanks. If you have not bought @rohdesign's excellent book yet you should.