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    Neet to free up some disk space? Check ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache. Mine was 22 GB (!) which is quite noticeable on a MacBook Air. According to Dropbox, it's used for efficiency, and it's safe to delete it
      “He who controls the Spice, controls the podcast” In case you missed me, @gte and @reneritchie riffing on “Dune.”
        @reneritchie I think you've pretty much nailed it. I thought I'd love a bigger iPhone for the car as I'm old and my eyes would like the larger screen and my shaky hands would like a bigger touch target. So Apple has Siri in the car instead.
          @donmelton @reneritchie "Great piece by Rene Ritchie" is a pretty standard and well deserved comment at this point. You're killing it, Rene!
            “The difference between iOS and Android developers and why it's not just a numbers game” — Great piece by @reneritchie.
              Also, thank you @reneritchie for getting me into podcasts. I’ve been listening to all your podcasts from iMore. Haven’t found any other podcasts I enjoy as much.
                If you're updating your app for iOS 7, please take a moment to consider accessibility
                  Thanks to @reneritchie for making Ohai his app pick on MacBreak Weekly!
                    @reneritchie “My god — It’s full of stars!” :)
                      @stevestreza Not at all! Thanks again for the chat. +@sethclifford @reneritchie
                        @marc Also related: when redoing standard controls (in OpenGL or however else) don’t forget localization, accessibility, etc!
                          If you'd like to hear iOS masters @clarko, @mantia and @bradellis discuss the design of iOS 7, check out the Iterate podcast: (Oh and also I'm on it for some reason.)
                            @gelphman @gte @reneritchie Yay! Looking forward to listening!
                              Mark Waid comments on Man of Steel: I don’t agree with everything Waid says, but this is spot on “From start to finish. Utterly. Joyless. And I just have no interest in relentless joyless from a guy who can fly.” /cc @reneritchie @gte