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    @reneritchie That is incredibly thorough. Do you have a favorite? (Trust me, I have no horse in this race.)
      @donmelton @reneritchie As a third-party, right now Dark Sky is my favorite weather app with radar and Haze is my go-to app for quick weather info. Haze is right out of the box essentially and has some awesome features.
        @donmelton I'm not a big weather app user. I mainly stick to Apple's app because Siri and Notification Center are easy paths of entry.
          @reneritchie No love for The Weather Network?
            @reneritchie i continue to return to my-cast after routinely trying the latest new comer. crisp and clean, not the prettiest, but gets me the answers fast (and push NWS alerts)
              @reneritchie No Magical Weather for iPhone? OK 😔 … 😉
                @reneritchie if you ever run a review of fully accessible weather apps please consider
                  @reneritchie That reply was regarding your no more weather apps comment ☺
                    @sophiestication haha, I didn't think you used #ADN because you haven't posted much.
                      @sophiestication LOL! No, just for that one graphic on iMore. I was up to 30 with no end in sight. I'd love to see Magical Weather for iPhone. Can you put a stamp on it and mail it my way? =)
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