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    @reneritchie all that needs to happen to make iCloud documents awesome is to allow Finder access to documents from all apps and move/copy them. And this also brings Finder to iOS in a minimal and usable way.
      @fields I used to think that, now I don't any more. Finder is old and inaccessible. Data needs to start pushing to us, not wait for us to pull it all the time.
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        @reneritchie Do you think that’s mutually exclusive? I think we’re a LOONG ways off from having the machines be good enough to obviate my wanting some personal control over where my files live.
          @reneritchie To be clear, I’m imagining some modernized rethought Finder that actually does a good job of its core mission - find and organize your files (read: your collections of data). It should have power over your cloud and supplement the auto push.
            @fields @reneritchie wouldn't a SuperFinder be pointless if our apps were smart enough to give us access to the files we need when we need them? Finder has its place, but I think we'd be served better with an iCloud that didn't sandbox files per app.
              @adamschlag @reneritchie But there are very good reasons for allowing apps to only have access to their own data. I get that. But it’s a poor UX that leaves the user unable to properly manage documents which are not naturally tied to specific apps.