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    @reneritchie if 10.9 gets demoed this month I'm really intrigued as to where they take it. Seems to me they've been getting basics working. Now we need to see the big picture.
      @reneritchie Nice piece. I struggle with this issue, and I think the people who “get” Drafts are the ones who know it is freeing them from the file system – though there’s still a lot of room for improvement.
        @reneritchie I actually think the most interesting effort in this direction was Microsoft’s WinFS, which aimed to turn the FS into a DB – sad they gave up before its benefits could be realized.
          @reneritchie “It’s a bunch of encrypted data stored on Amazon…” it is encrypted in transit, don’t think is encrypted at rest on disk. Spideroak yes, Dropbox don’t think so. Even if it is they have your key + can decrypt for themselves or subpoena any time
            @reneritchie ..or whether the cognitive overhead of a file system is worth it depends on how many documents you have and how much control you need over them..
              @frankreiff That’s a problem that dies with traditional users, though.
                @padraic True but tangential to the point I was working towards :)
                  @agiletortoise That’s one of the reasons I like Drafts so much. It decouples what I write from where I ultimately want it to be read,
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                    @clarkgoble they’ll continue to modernize and mainstream it, is my bet.
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                        @reneritchie I’ve felt the exact same way for the past, well, since iCloud has existed. I would prefer just using one and only one, but I can’t find a proper solution, yet. Hopefully Apple can change that up this year.
                          @reneritchie Curious what you think of services such as Bitcasa, which in some ways try to be the best of both worlds (not there yet, though). I, personally, love the application segmentation in iCloud. I appreciate the app-focus greatly.
                            @reneritchie I don’t think pro users are dying out.. And I don’t think that once the “new” users start having a couple of hundred documents they’ll be happy without some hierarchical means of organizing. Buckets are just too useful.