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    So what soul on the Internet has cataloged and cross-referenced the material Peter Jackson made up versus incorporated from less known Tolkien works?
      @jury Good question. The only key Hobbit inaccuracy I could come up with is that while Azog does behead Thorin’s grandfather, he’s dead by the time of Bilbo’s expedition. Everything else is pretty well sourced.
        @iconmaster @jury Azog’s death isn’t mentioned in The Hobbit.
          @urbanape @jury Have to consider all the Tolkien sources. Killed by Thrain’s cousins’s son according to LotR appendix A. 😎
            @jury Here's a list of the changes, as well as the changes in LOTR
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              @jury Well I’m finally going to see it, and I’ll check my internal database once I’m done. :)
                @jury Seems like little was just "made up". Some was from other works (The Appendices from LOTR), and a small amount was not referenced anywhere (Radagast's scenes, for the most part). But I actually liked Radagast's role in the film. :)