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    Hey, @gte and I have started a new show called Debug, and we scored Loren Brichter of Letterpress as our first guest! Give it a listen
      @reneritchie @gte sounds great! Downloading now :)
        @reneritchie Sounds great! The feed on your web link for “Debug” points to the feedburner for “Iterate”. Will “Debug” share the same feed, or have its own feed?
          @reneritchie Nevermind! You fixed the feed before I could type my post!
            @reneritchie @gte Too many podcasts I can’t keep up! But I can stop listening…so much awesome. I appreciate the content, I know how hard it is to get good content out there.
              [Post deleted]
                @reneritchie @gte Just subscribed via Downcast…episode coming down now! Will be good listening for tomorrow’s commute. Thanks!
                  @reneritchie @gte Just finished listening to episode 1. Good job and congratulations on the new podcast. Guy, didn’t realize you were that serious when you said you wanted to get your money’s worth with that new microphone.
                    @muteq Thanks! It was a ton of fun!
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                      @reneritchie @gte Really great episode. @gte, I could listen to you interview people all day.
                        @reneritchie @gte listening to debug episode 1. Really great show. Very interesting and inspirational! Learned a lot, you guys hit all the great points. Can’t wait for the next episode.
                          @muteq @reneritchie Me neither. Now I’m on the hook though.
                            @reneritchie @gte Guys, fantastic first show. i really enjoyed the depth of the interview with @lorenb and was happy to hear you get into the deep geeky developer weeds with him.