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    Jesus. Finder is useless. I'm constantly jumping through hoops to do trivial workflows.
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      @rands Finder is a browser, Terminal and Automator are for workflows
        @rands Give Oath Finder ( a try. It's a godsend as far as I'm concerned. That is assuming you were referring to the OS X finder. Otherwise #replyfail
          @rands Have you looked at TotalFinder - Finder with tabs and lots more
            @rands Path Finder is an awesome Finder replacement, IMO. Eliminates many Finder annoyances.
              @rands It's why I'm completely on board with Apple trying to kill it and fundamentally fix, nay: improve, our workflow.
                @rands I'm always right about to try something like TotalFinder. Then forget about it until a few days later when the Finder gets in the way of simple tasks again.
                  @manton @rands give #XtraFinder a try its free ;) right now I prefer it over #TotalFinder
                    @manton @rands I’ve been using TotalFinder for the last year. It’s not perfect but it’s better. I’m lost without it now.
                      @mralbrecht Cool, thanks for the recommendation.
                        @manton best benefit it supports the more Apple like Opera Tabs and additional ugly Chrome Tabs ;)
                          @irace @rands Because, at least personally, I bought a Mac, not a Linux box. 😉
                            @manton @rands i'm curious what tasks you find frustrating. while i'm usually first to voice frustrations over apple's recent software challenges, i'm hard pressed to come up with many complaints about the finder.
                              @isaiah @manton @rands tabs and easy access to the path (as a string so I can easily edit/copy/paste it) would be good.
                                @manton @rands I picked up ForkLift this year on sale and it’s better than Finder, though still not stellar.
                                  @chartier @rands Sure but the ability to drop down, especially for specialized, repeatable flows, is one of the best parts of owning a Mac! Also you can use Automator, AppleScript, etc.
                                    @irace Automator and AppleScript are a slippery slope. Once you start writing workflows there, you're maintaining them rather than getting work done.
                                      @rands Makes sense. I’ve never really used either to be honest, as a programmer I’d sooner write a shell script or something. I do think Finder can be improved but also think Terminal is underutilized by some power users.