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    There is something incredibly exciting in receiving, amidst the bills and the junk, a real handwritten letter from another person, especially when that person is someone you look up to and admire.
      “Writing should be difficult. That’s what makes it writing instead of masturbation or Facebook.” - @hotdogsladies
        @peroty more like Outrage As A Service @longstride
          How texting works Image []
            @0xmf Anything but fearless - that one hurt to write. But it’s important to share these things with each other.
              @patrickrhone The smile has always been my most basic, and fun, form of currency to circulate.
                Absolutley shattered, had such an amazing day with a brillaint friend, shopped, ate some lovely food, had some great laughs was just what the Dr Ordered.
                  Here’s the thing: I figure that if I’m going to spend significant amounts of time bitching about privacy sucking services with intrusive ads I should pay for one that seeks a different path.
                    People that are leaving here becuase their accounts are up for renewal obviously don't see the value in the network. Twitter isn't the same as ADN and ADN isn't the same as Twitter. They are two very different beasts.
                      There was a young physicist named Bright Who wanted to travel faster than light She left one day In an Einsteinian way And returned the previous night
                        I sat at the edge of the ocean today watching the waves smash the shore line, for an afternoon nothing else mattered, nothing at all.
                          @patrickrhone Final writing tip: You can use your bad writing for fuel. Set it on fire and warm yourself.
                            @andrewthornton Tell a good story. The rest is editing.
                              @patrickrhone that’s why you have to push it into the world so we can enjoy it. :-)
                                If you're worried about the Nest, throw your smartphone in the trash and never look back.
                                  This year I'm not saying anything negative. At least not until you stop going to the gym. Wait. Shit. Was that negative?
                                    The biggest lies of #2013: 3) It's free. 2) Your data is secure. 1) We respect your privacy.
                                      Looking at the posts marked #adn2013 shows a very common thread: we like each other enough that we can drop many of the masks we wear and be our true selves. People don't feel the need to pretend, and we support each other. Faith in humanity ... restored.
                                        Great ideas—ones that make dents—are ideas that get under the skin of comfortable people.