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    gratz on meeting the goal! looking forward to the service dropping in price so that it can scale.
      @zacharyparadis Yes, it'll be interesting to see what year two pricing looks like.
        @glennon If they price it like an app, say $5/yr, it should keep out the randoms but still enable rapid scaling.
          I'm pretty hopeful that there can be a free tier one day. Twitter has become an amazing tool for civil rights and revolution worldwide, and it hinges on free access. I totally get pay for now though!
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            @nicoles thank you. glad to have you here :)
              @zacharyparadis Inexpensive would be nice. I don't know if there's a magic pricing number --at least until the community evolves a bit. Expectation is for lots of value from 3rd party apps as pent up frustrations (from the Twitter dev chill) are unleashed.
                @glennon Sure but, again, third parties will only deliver value if scale is in place. ;)