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    "Enterprise technology must be sufficiently slow and expensive to be adopted."—Horace Dediu
      @longstride whoo hoo! @johngordon might be your new neighbor!
        For those keeping track, my next home will be St. Paul, MN. I am beyond thrilled to spend autumn in such a beautiful area!
          @johngordon huh. Funny, given most people at the fair walk aimlessly around ruminating. And nobody seems to care.
            “Like and share if you–” NOPE.
              I bought a Raspberry Pi a couple weeks ago. It’s the cutest server I’ve ever seen and I’ve been learning plenty about system administration that I never would have tried with a more expensive machine. It’s low stakes if I mess up a system file.
                The importance of a company's division is inversely proportional to the length of their subdomain.
                  @abourque I am a big advocate for plain language and for doing right by our end users. This kinda infuriates that part of me. It’s the cruel side of #UX, the one where people realize they can make money off helping people who are confused.
                    Timeless advice for becoming a player in the field of UX
                      @jeffmueller The secret behind Starfleet is that their entire yearly budget came from mining Bitcoin on the ship computers during idle time.
                        The events in VA today reminds me of this from The Onion which is still relevant []
                          @johngordon doesn’t this author know you can’t convince someone not to push a bean up their nose? You can try to emphasize the dangers, sure, but that just encourages the little snot.
                            If you want more people to have something, then make it easier to obtain.
                              Ugh. I know people in Roanoke, Virginia. Some of them are devastated today.
                                @rabryst Nah, I’m not really into Pokémon. :-)
                                  @matigo and that’s why PeopleSoft installations in higher ed feel like such a shoehorn. Case in point: want to register for courses? Add them to your shopping cart. @rabryst