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    SnarkAttack! The fact that Yahoo announced their acquisition of Tumblr using that tired “keep calm and carry on” image reflects well their strategy of buying the cool kids of three years ago.
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      @mrgan I too hate the overuse of the Keep Calm meme, but Tumblr’s growth hasn’t exactly slowed down in the last 3 years.
        @patrick Oh, I know. I think it’s a smart move. I’m just mocking the gif for making it look less smart.
          @mrgan Agreed, but at least they're acknowledging that we have reason to view the acquisition's effect on the service with skepticism. It's better than the usual "Good news - now we'll be able to take it to the next level!" smoke-blowing.
            @mrgan Given how often that phrased is (still) tagged on Tumblr, I’d say it’s an appropriate “in” joke.
              @gt Yeah, so “in”, given that you can buy it on a shirt at K-Mart.
                @mrgan Worse: it’s an Ollie Moss image used without credit. But I guess that’s in the tumblr spirit.
                  @mrgan In jokes can involve universally tired tropes and still be funny to the target audience.
                    @gt Yes, tired jokes are always funny to the masses. *fart*