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    Company hackathon complete. Won the award for best design of ~50 projects. #greybeardswag #stillgotit
      I don't believe in a god or God myself, but if you do and it gives you moral guidance, that's great, and power to you. But if your god is just a thing for you to stand on so you can look down on people, then fuck you.
        Upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned—every one—to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. -- Isaiah 53:5b-6 Peace.
          Seen on Twitter: "I love functional programming. It takes smart people who would otherwise be competing with me and turns them into unemployable crazies."
            was told today that a service we integrate with moved from https to http because of HeartBleed concerns. You can't make this stuff up, folks.
              If you've not gone and done it yet, open the app store on your iOS device and download the excellent @bookitics app. It's a book review app based on ADN and it's lovely. The next big version will be iPad ready... :) #teamAppdiction
                1Password Watchtower. [] Because why should only the Justice League of America [] have someone looking out for them?
                  I've decided that the amount of time I spend surfing the web has become a problem and amounts to addiction. So I've joined a self help forum.
                    Attention The Internet: if you read one thing online this year, read this (non-technical) XKCD comic: Thank you.
                      You should write each source comment and commit message as if it were your last. In other words, if you died and weren't around to answer questions, then someone else should be able to figure out why in the world you wrote that code.
                        The bastards that emailed me threats today will get me out of gamedev when they pry my retina MacBook Pro FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS! ^^
                          If any of you are still using Facebook, I hope you'll like the Acta Mag page. [] Thanks :) And of course you can find it on Twitter too @ActaMag.
                            In case you missed it: version 1.2 of Unread will be available starting Monday April 21st (earlier in some time zones).
                              It’s 1998. An Apple executive and former VIM user sits in front of an open email to Steve Jobs. It reads: “Let’s call it the “ He thinks. Stares at his drink. He’s tired. He enters insert mode, types Mac, sends the email. “Let’s call it the iMac.”
                                Two new guests added to the line up! Mark your calendars for @billkunz on April 29, and @thelma on May 15.
                                  As a former educator, this is on the mark. We’re robbing our kids of their youth, for little to nothing in return.
                                    Why is there no iMessage support on I mean, I can write emails, Pages documents and even Keynotes, but a simple chat box for those times when I am stuck on a Windows machine? Is that too much to ask?
                                      Two log cabins and a bajillion square feet of primo office space in downtown San Francisco. Still can’t DM a URL. Priorities are tough.
                                        All caught up on @discoveradn! Tremendously enjoyed the conversations with @benjamindorsey, @cgiffard and @redqueencoder; I learned new and interesting things about all of them, and am looking forward to more. Bravo, @matigo! :-)
                                 file uploader for Mac Swing [] ($4.99) you upload a file and can get an instant URL to share with friends, has gone free for lted time. #teamappdiction