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    The internet for the next 3 weeks. Yawn.
      022 - @matigo [] Join your host, Jeremy Cherfas, in learning more about Jason Irwin, a stranger in a strange land who lives with a very happy puppy and loves to create new things.
        I love using Uber. I have very little empathy for the taxi drivers who are whining. They had a total monopoly for years and squandered it away with horrible service. Happy to pay more and get something quality.
          I'm working on a manifesto of sorts. I plan to grow/add to it over time. Take a look at it, then check back sometimes to see what's new. Also, not for those who are "bad language" sensitive:
            If you don’t know about `git whatchanged`, you should know about it.
              Actions in notifications are fine. Apple just needs to include a “Delete this Annoying App” action.
                Take 15 minutes today to envision the next version of you.
                  Time to re-watch this: Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle —
                    Stylish parrots here in #israel 😎👍 Image []
                      Earlier today I introduced a totally redesigned home for Frictionless, as well as the all new Frictionless Field Guides: http:/
                        today's photo-app upload: DSC_0149.jpg > use it for free - no rights reserved < #photoapp See my other photos []
                          Eating chips with chopsticks so as to not get my keyboard mucky. #OCD
                            To: Web Developers Re: Multipage Reverse-Chronological Streams Do not use 'Next/Previous'. It is ambiguous. Does next mean 'the ones chronologically after these' or 'more unseen content which is older'? Use 'Newer/Older'.
                              Okay, the @firesides app is pretty great. @fam and @yasmine did a great job designing and building it.
                                Week after the WWDC keynote, still discovering new APIs. Really need to get back to iOS 7 / Mavericks for a month to ship some stuff for everyone not living in the future.
                                  Having fun this week telling non-techie people about Swift. Everyone asks why Apple would alienate their developers by changing everything. I tell them it is because we don't hate it, we love it. I get lots of strange looks from people when I say that...
                                    Good morning! No matter that storms may follow, a pink dawn is the way to start the day. #mi2photo