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    I need a way to make money to improve website without resorting to full-color ads, or a pay wall. Affiliate links seem like the best possible option, but there sure is a lot of competition in that space.
      @thomasbrand what if you do a one-off thing instead of ads? Like write a book to sell or create some other product unique to Egg Freckles. Launch, fund the site for a time, then make something new down the road.
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        @longstride normally I just raise money for kids with cancer. I don't think I am capable of creating something people are willing to buy that would be worth my time. It might be worth the time of the project, but not both the project and the site.
          @thomasbrand I'm a big fan of the “make something & sell it to paying customers” approach to monetizing things, but I'm old-fashioned that way.
            @benhuckle I guess that is an option, but I am trying to think of something unique to offer members. Something more substantial than a chance to win a Newton MessagePad.
              @thomasbrand a book on the rise and fall of Netscape?
                @benhuckle a user guide on QuickTime 3.0