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    I’m always fascinated by (and jealous of) iPhone users who feel comfortable using the Notes app. I can’t shake this plain text/Dropbox monkey on my back, no matter what I do.
      @sethclifford Dropbox/plaintext is awesome, but the Notes app is actually really handy, especially now it has the OSX counterpart.
        @sethclifford I am currently a AwesomeNote guy, but trying to become a Drafts/Evernote user.
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            @sethclifford I use it for Siri dictation while traveling.
              @reneritchie That’s currently about the only use case I can see for it. Even then, I’d rather hit Drafts and the dictation keyboard button.
                @sethclifford Yeah, it’s just super slick for me to say “Siri, take a note. Blah, blah, blah.” And then get back and have it waiting in Notes on Mac for easy pasting into CMS.
                  @sethclifford /me couldn’t live without Dropbox & markdown friendly apps…
                    @reneritchie I’m gonna have to think about this. I’ve been on a “let’s use as many native Apple apps as possible” kick lately.
                      @stevenhaddox It’s not the markdown for me as much as knowing I can look at the files themselves. I trust in .txt! (Oh and Dropbox redundancy)
                        @sethclifford @reneritchie I use native notes. It's just convenient and gets the job done. Same with Reminders.
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                          @llofte @reneritchie I’m giving it a shot. Letting go of some things I’ve been clutching too tightly in an effort to make life easier. :/
                            @sethclifford Drafts fills my needs pretty well. What I can't understand is people who use Evernote to jot down quick notes... it's just clunky...
                              @ednan @sethclifford filling needs quickly—said every note app ever and every bartender ever
                                @sethclifford As a Microsoft user, I don't even use the Notes app. I use OneNote. They did a good job on the iOS app, and it's on other OSes. Syncs well.
                                  @sethclifford @llofte @reneritchie This pretty much sums it up for me. I wish we could "hide" apps we didn't want to use.
                                    @mrrobinson @llofte @reneritchie If I find the time (yeah right) I might have a post in me about stripping away some layers of complexity. Maybe.
                                      @techjunky79 I was right there with you, but I’m trying out a new way of doing things. I may run screaming back to the old way, but we’ll see.
                                        @sethclifford @techjunky79 if you shun indie alternatives, then the terrorists win.
                                          @scatabrain @techjunky79 Oh, make no mistake: over the years I’ve sponsored enough upstarts to forever keep the productivity war balanced. I’m just mentally resetting to see how it feels.
                                            @sethclifford Count me among those who gave up a third-party solution (iA Writer) for Notes once Mountain Lion was released.
                                              @treestman I’ve been perpetuating a torrid love affair with .txt files in Dropbox, thinking I needed to keep them all. Last night I realized most of my notes did not need to stick around and I cmd-v’d the rest into Notes. Feels like a weight’s been lifted.
                                                @treestman However, I’ll still use plain text and markdown for writing, as well as Dropbox for everything else.