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    NASA is building a real warp engine that doesn't violate Einsteins Law of Relativity by expanding space behind a vehicle and contracting space in the front
      I just tapped a link to a mobile site and it didn’t ask for my location, splatter a “SUBSCRIBE NOW” ad across the page, or scroll back to the top halfway through reading. Am I… am I dead? Wait, never mind, here’s the alert that their forum has an iPad app
        @isaiah @jeffmc Might be misunderstanding what you guys are talking about, but pretty sure the A5 is dual core (though not the A5 in the Apple TV). …Wikipedia seems to back up my recollection, for what that’s worth:
          Just like there's always money in the banana stand, there's always bugs in the Facebook integration...
            Next step is to get it to resume the archiving of my Twitter stream, so new tweets start showing up. Presumably things stopped working because it relied on the old Twitter API which no longer works.
              Got my personal website to show my ADN posts, but had to dive in to my legacy PHP code. It’s actually not bad for PHP — good abstractions and overall structure — but it’s PHP, so doing anything is still really annoying.
                "Ask a Slave" is one of the funniest things I’ve watched...
                  @dalton Was it that Apple required you to add purchasing of subscriptions, or you were adding that feature and so they required you to do it through an IAP? The latter is consistent with their rules but the former would seem bizarre.
                    Shanley on Microaggression and Management []. Good reading for managers and the managed alike.
                      “Under current law, for the coming decades, Chief Justice John Roberts will solely decide who will write the sweeping surveillance opinions few will be allowed to read, but which everyone will be subject to.” Sounds great. []
                        Deep thought for the day: an organization that doesn’t actively promote the necessary conditions for the intrinsic motivation of their employees will at best rely on tacit extrinsic motivators.
                          People complaining about the new iOS design sound just like the people that bitch about Facebook anytime they change anything. Which is to say, they will all shut up in a couple of weeks when they forget about things.
                            “If you’re in your twenties, you’ve grown up in a world that has come to idealize startups and their founders.”
                              Why is it so many programmers exude cockiness? Constantly we write bugs that soon prove our models of the world utterly incorrect. Perhaps it’s because—of those so inclined—only the truly hubristic can withstand the evidential torrent of one’s fallibility.
                                There's a special place in he'll for autocorrect
                                  It’s been a while since I’ve published any open source code. With any luck, this will be useful to other Node.js hipsters.