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    😁😁😁 Praising The Lord for healthy seven pound twins born today!😁😁😁
      Wow, it's almost 50 F out today. For those of you who don't live near the Great Lakes, that's pretty nice.
        This is why @klug has a better job than the rest of us: "Michigan's Best Doughnut: The Top 13 revealed, plus our best of the rest list "
          Detroit is magical. It's a little bit of everything. It's contemporary. It's vintage. It's artful. It's rock & roll. It's sometimes pretty, sometimes gritty. It's musical. It's uplifting. It's my city, and I love it. #detroit (📍 Shinola Detroit)
            Things you always do in multiples, just in case: • Hit “Clear” on a calculator • Hit “Save” in a document • Hit “Copy” in @1password
              This setting made my Fantastical experience even better. One of my complaints with Fantastical was that the days ran together and were hard to discern. I'm not sure how I missed this previously. Image []
                Wow. @eyes @kyleisom @jdscolam and @klug are all moving. And I'm staying where I am. That's a strange turn of events for a gypsy like me!
                  @doctorlinguist I don't think we started getting AOL disks in the mail until I was in 9th grade. I wanted to reformat them to use for my own files.
                    @klug Oh, my. That _is_ lovely. // @mandyd
                      “When you write a story, you’re telling yourself the story. When you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are *not* the story.” - On Writing
                        It’s a festive #puremichigan morning. All this picture is missing is the smell of bacon. Image []
                          I wonder if it's too late in the season to find someone with a boat to take me out on Lake Michigan.
                            The funny thing about history… It happens after the event in question. Perhaps you have a pretty good idea that said event will be history, but only time will make it so. Sometimes you know, sometimes you don’t.
                              I did it. I'm finally did it. I'm deleting my Facebook account. I sent notices to those I care about on the network today telling them how to reach me, if they so choose, in the future. I'll miss some of them, but the bad outweighs the good there now.
                                @klug I love instrumental holiday music. I’m especially a sucker for George Winston’s “December”. There’s also Thanksgiving: A Windham Hill Collection.
                                  I promise you this: I will block Time's website in my hosts file if fucking Miley dipshit is named POY.
                                    "I’ve wasted so much money on Safari over the years, my kids may not be able to go to college." — @ismh