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    I almost never purchased third-party software five years ago; I loved the built-in  ones too much to bother. Nowadays, I almost always purchase new apps to replace the defaults. Have I moved into a new life-stage? Or are 's default apps that stagnant?
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        @cbhiii Okay, phew! At least it's not just me. I'm glad to support developers who are moving the user interface field forward.
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            @nickrosencrans It’s easier to find out about new apps (social media) and easier to buy them (app store). Could be that the environment has changed.
              @noleli Great point! I hadn't thought about it but yeah, distribution media have improved to the point that small-team developers have access to users like never before. Much more convenient to just tap and install now.
                @nickrosencrans Stagnant. Also focused at mass demographic, even as that demographic turns iOS only. Hope OS X will refocus on geekier future users.
                  @nickrosencrans I was the same way. The built in apps are good but they've lost a lot of the customizability. However every time there is an OS update I give the apple apps another try.
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