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    @reneritchie Your article yesterday got me thinking about why so many of us are at odds with our emotions about these new Apple products.
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      @joec This is a really good post. I have made the exact same decisions with regard to the current retina tradeoffs, to include replacing my iPad 3 with a mini.
        Nice article, @joec. Really resonates with me. I could buy a rMBP today, but I’m holding out for the Haswell updates. Holding out for retina in the Mini, too. For now, I’m fine with my iPad 3. // @reneritchie
          @bond Thanks. I keep reading a lot of writers I respect dancing around the same basic idea. Though we know exactly why Apple can't make everything Retina yet, we still wish they could. It's an odd feeling.
            @potatowire Thanks. I've been torn about new Apple products for the first time in a long time. Usually it's really easy for me to know exactly what I want.
              @joec Me too, and it may be that we are just unused to having to weigh relative benefits, since the form factor penalty is so high with retina. Before it, new or updated products seemed to be better in every measurable way.
                @joec @reneritchie Joe, nice post building on @siracusa transitions concept. Net result, stuff you admire but don’t love.