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    (whispers) i like this yahoo tumblr thing
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      @jimray Ooh, interesting topic for here. Why (do you like this Yahoo/Tumblr thing)?
        @sandwich it boils down the the highly subjective formula of 1. I like Tumblr. 2. I like Marissa Mayer. 3. I don’t dislike Yahoo. I think it’s a good match. Yahoo’s infrastructure plus Tumblr’s interface and audience. Maybe search will work some day!
          @jimray @sandwich And would any of the other plausible buyers been any better? Facebook? Google? Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo seems like the best possible home for Tumblr.
            @jimray @sandwich Good list. I’ll add: 4. Flickr It’s made improvements over the past year. Plus, those folks know how to foster community & charge for a product. I’m hoping they give the Tumblr team some tips.