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    @imyke and CMD+Space is freaking good. I've set as one of my life goals to have a decent answer to that opened question. @alexk
      You know, that @imyke is a pretty awesome guy.
        @kirschen listen from the very beginning to observe @imyke's evolution from a pen amateur to a pro who visits pen show and all 9 yards :)
          The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
            Since you can never tire of hearing opinions on what makes a good podcast, here's mine. Bonus: It's from the perspective of someone who makes a living from podcasting.
              Got a chance to meet Aaron Draplin and see every Field Notes ever made (not to mention all of his other fantastic design work). Image []
                @imyke without getting too arse-kissy I'd pay for a podcast you make without having heard it or samples. I have faith that it'd be good and I doubt I'm the only one that thinks that.
                  Episode #58. Best #Bionic yet. Not listening to this podcast is a character flaw. @imyke @mattalexander
                    @mattalexander "I think we should talk about something serious now. @imyke "I don't think there is anything serious. You did all of the serious." And "You didn't tell me this. No one could have guessed this." ↑Candidate quotes for the new description
                      @dan Like the new weekly format. Also like @imyke doing The News too :)
                        @longstride me too. It’s mostly because I have incriminating photos of @dan and @imyke.
                          @ismh I mean it's not like you need to pretend to like Android the way @mattalexander and @imyke do.
                            @aarondowd Great guy and his accent has become delightful. If you ever hesitated, now’s the time to dive in! @imyke
                              @walruscp @randymurray @imyke @nickwynja I think Myke is where you really see the “pro” difference. For me the show feels structured without feeling strangled.
                                @ismh @viticci @imyke After listening to ep. 2 of the prompt, I must say you have taken the place of the original talk show. Not as a replacement, but the style of insightful discussion. I really missed that! Great, original show! Thank you!!!
                                  Just finished burning down a building because @imyke was right on Bionic