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    What are your thoughts on ads being dropped in to a show post-recording? How do you feel when you hear these as opposed to ads that are read/performed live in the recording? Can you hear the difference?
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      @imyke More often than not, I do hear the difference. Not doing them live gives the opportunity to take your time and really polish the delivery. I wouldn't say it's bad at all, as long as it flows into the rest nicely.
        @imyke Can definitely hear the difference and it does distract a little from the flow of the show but it’s not a deal breaker. Inline is clearly preferable though.
          @imyke I can definitely hear the difference, and both options have their pros and cons. I like that post-recording ads didn't disrupt the flow of the live conversation as it happened. They can feel a bit tacked on, though.
            @imyke - It's quite noticeable. I prefer live ads that are blended in to the conversation
              @imyke My preference is for "live" ads but understand you gotta eat and if dropping the ads in post-recording makes more sense, that's what you gotta do.
                @imyke can hear the difference but its not a major thing. It's nice when there's new information in the ad else I'm more likely to fast forward past ad copy I've heard hundreds and hundreds of times. Eg. Standard squarespace/audible ad copy.
                  @imyke Can definitely hear the difference. For me, having them read in show is highly preferable but I can appreciate that if you’ve got into the groove of an interview that it might be difficult to make yourself stop for a sponsor read
                    @imyke I can definitely hear the difference, sometimes it breaks the flow of the show (patent this expression) but in a way the sponsor read gets more polished and concise. Which way do you think it’s the best as a listener?
                      @imyke I actually don’t care. Most of the times, I notice, because the ambience is different, but it doesn’t break the flow of the rest of the show as much.
                        @imyke I’m OK with the ads being dropped in… However, quality and how the ad is set up is crucial.
                          @imyke yes, definitely can tell the difference. I prefer the live reads (CMD+SPACE) to pre recorded (MoM) as they seem more natural, less disruptive maybe? If they're pre recorded, I prefer at the start of the show if its a short podcast (Home Work).
                            @imyke I very much prefer read ads that are products the hosts themselves actually use or at least don’t hate. I think @dan does a fantastic job of both being choosy & running them on 5by5 - for example.
                              @imyke I like the spontaneity of the the live read.
                                @imyke I think @leolaporte does a great job with his ads custom messages part of the show and making comments to the other hosts even when he is clearly absent. Canned ads never work as well.
                                  @imyke Yes, I can. Live ads are generally preferred by this listener. They're harder to tune out.
                                    @imyke I have no problem with them either way, but they definitely fit better in a natural break between questions/topics.
                                      @imyke If they are done well, it can be even better (see Systematic 24) The important thing is that the copy changes. My wife can summarize a squarespace ad and she doesn’t listen to tech podcasts.
                                        @jamesgowans @imyke Uh oh, me thinks Hurley is about to give us grief about pre-recording again :)
                                          @jamesgowans @imyke I actually prefer them live as well. This weeks it’s part of the show, but I really hate them pre-roll.
                                            [Post deleted]
                                              @mschechter @imyke it's not a huge difference either way, but live reads often lead to more organic conversation about the sponsor with the guest. Even without a guest, it feels more natural, like on Enough.
                                                @jamesgowans @imyke Oh, I agree. My preference is always to record them inline, but it’s difficult when you pre-record (which is why Myke hates that we do it :) ).
                                                  @mschechter @imyke not everyone can live up to his unreasonable standards. :)
                                                    @imyke I like the way @jseifer tries to bring it up spontaneously on Geek Friday.
                                                      @imyke doesn't really bother me either way
                                                        @imyke I will swear up and down that I can, like when two hosts have a guest and do a clean 3-5 minute ad read without the guest. I’d prefer that ads added post show are clearly distinguished. Like @ttscoff’s ads.
                                                          @imyke I think if it’s done at a clean break in the discussion it works well - but it has potential to be really jarring if it’s not done well.
                                                            @imyke I think I can hear the difference (live by you on 70 Decibels and @dan and his hosts on 5by5 vs recorded on; although it did help that @tiff sounds different than @marco;) I prefer non-scripted live… (by @hotdogsladies and @macsparky)
                                                              @imyke Almost always can tell the difference.
                                                                @streakmachine yeah. I prefer live reads. Just wondered if I was the only one
                                                                  @robk I think Marco did a good job. If you're going to do pre-recorded then make a big point of it, IMO
                                                                    @infante yeah. If you're going to do it, make it clear
                                                                      @bdfortin that can lead to awkward segues. take it from me ;)
                                                                        @knowsbest yeah. they did a great job. if you make it abundantly clear then it's cool. Plus Marco's wife hasa great radio voice
                                                                          @pauljoynes haha. it can be tough, the advertiser has things they want you to say. We do our best to vary where we can. And if she can do that then we've done our job properly ;)
                                                                            @thomasbrand i agree. but there's can run a *little* long.. lol. But the Audible one is classic, there's real content in the ad
                                                                              @agiletortoise me too man. you never know what's going to happen!. Makes it more fun for me when doing them
                                                                                @chadhs as do we.. trust me ;)
                                                                                  @imyke Given your delivery style I think you could probably pull it off in such a way that people wouldn’t even be able to tell.
                                                                                    @phillipwong yeah. you have to balance it
                                                                                      @kkob I try my best to deviate from the standard copy. but I agree
                                                                                        @rafaelconde I think live is best. It doesnt feel so jarring and feels like part of the show
                                                                                          @phoneboy thanks man :) I appreciate that
                                                                                            @marksiegal true. I try to plan my shows so they will have the necessary breaks
                                                                                              @ichris i may have a few times ;)
                                                                                                @imyke I WANT A REFUND ON MY PURCHASES OF YOUR PODCASTS! FRAUD! CHARLATAN! PERSON FROM BRITAIN!
                                                                                                  @imyke I believe I can tell the difference. Ads that are performed live always feel better. They feel like the show’s hosts care more. When the ad is dropped in, it feels like an afterthought. In my opinion, if you care about your sponsors, do it live.
                                                                                                    [Post deleted]
                                                                                                      @imyke I think I prefer the live reads, whether scripted or not (but especially not, @ttscoff ;-) ), but if recorded I'd expect them to be more polished and less conversational I guess..
                                                                                                        @imyke whenever I hear your Squarespace ad, and you are going down all the options I think of a Monty python skip but I can’t nail down which one. I like how @leolaporte does the ads different each time.
                                                                                                          @imyke Drop ‘em in. I prefer it. It doesn’t break up the convo so much.
                                                                                                            @imyke Maybe get a none-host to record the ad tho.
                                                                                                              @imyke I like a dropped in ad better than a fumbled read in-show. I don’t mind ads if they don’t mess with the flow too much.
                                                                                                                @imyke I can hear the difference. I don't really care. I will say it makes me less likely to listen to the spot. Something about that makes the skip 30s-2m function feel good.
                                                                                                                  @imyke you can definitely tell the difference, but I don't really prefer one over the other. If it's not done well though dropping them in post can break up the flow of the conversation.
                                                                                                                    @imyke I prefer live ads. It’s usually easy to hear when they’re edited in. It can be done well, but it’s difficult to do in a pleasant manner.
                                                                                                                      @imyke yeah - but it doesn’t matter. We all know you have to pay the bills brother.
                                                                                                                        [Post deleted]
                                                                                                                          @imyke If the ads are read out, that’s not for me as a listener. I do prefer live, but sort of ad hoc, adds realism and doesn’t sound so ‘this is an AD’, more of ‘I like this because…’. So if read (scripted) then pre-record and add a bit of variety :)
                                                                                                                            [Post deleted]
                                                                                                                              @imyke Radio-style, pre-recorded, finely edited down to the second, monster truck music, pulsing strobe lights somehow.
                                                                                                                                @thomasbrand I do them differently. But we do have points we have to talk about. I don’t read a script
                                                                                                                                  [Post deleted]
                                                                                                                                    @imyke @ttscoff has done it on Systematic and it did detract from the show. Not enough to make me unsubscribe, but I way prefer the organic, off-the-cuff ads.
                                                                                                                                      @cams @imyke they’re nice when they’re possible, but for Systematic recording schedule I often don’t get the sponsors before recording.
                                                                                                                                        @ttscoff @cams Totally man. Sometimes it doesn't work with schedules, it's not a criticism. As I've said, you have the best sponsor reads in the biz