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    Mumpung masih hangat tutorial tentang 4 Situs Web Terbaik dan Gratis Alternatif KumpulBagi - Duosia Read on | #DownloaderInternet, #Info #Web
      The Florist Up My Street Co-operative [] A Co-operative Movement For Florists. Developing A Fair & Flexible Online Marketing Platform To Help Promote & Sell Their Own Work. Launched 5 days ago in #Web. At 13% with 10 backers. (GB)
        A powerful new #web #platform - IMO Persona - my first go
          Where To Start As A Front-End #Web #Developer? – Web Development Zone
            Wenlin ABC Cantonese Dictionary Website (ed. Robert Bauer) [] Access Cantonese headwords in Hanzi or Jyutping; English glosses; character, word, or phrase look-up; character animations; and more. Launched 6 days ago in #Web. At 10% with 58 backers.
              #Event Le prochain Rencard du #Web à #Lyon à lieu à La Cordée #Valmy le 12 janvier
                Aumentano gli italiani sul #web, consumo di beni #tech nonostante la crisi
                  The Naked Bullfrog, sustainable living at your fingertips. [] The Naked Bullfrog is an interactive platform for finding and referring local businesses that are pushing the needle on sustainability. Launched 26 hours ago in #Web. At 10% with 18 backers.
                    As a team leader who is growing my team, this was a good read - with parallels to the hiring of #web #developers
                      What's your Future Anything? Join our Tutoring Revolution. [] We believe that every young person deserves an equal opportunity to become their Future Anything. Launched 23 hours ago in #Web. At 12% with 11 backers. (AU)
                        Simple #loaders for your #web #applications using only one div and pure #CSS -
                          School of Code - The Multiplayer Learn to Code Experience [] The new way of learning to code! School of Code presents the world's first multiplayer coding platform. Team up and have fun coding! Launched 5 days ago in #Web. At 10% with 38 backers. (GB)