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    @bazbt3 yeah, I have the impression that ADN people focus on building new homes in other networks, rather than holding out in an already abandoned place. Resonance to #thememonday seemed OK to me, but not necessarily on ADN.
      @schmidt_fu I am. I've a plan to ask around more - to see who's interested. Maybe ADN simply isn't the best place to hold the last #ThemeMonday. I don't know.
        @bazbt3 I read the updated version, and wondered about the 3 social networks you mentioned. Aren't you on as well? And there might be some people around who remember #thememonday ...
          I'd like to create a poll for the final ADN #ThemeMonday but, since `` no longer works I'd like suggestions for a suitable no-login voting site. Over to you!
            A little reminder that all good thing must come to an end, and how we can mark it together: I propose a final #ThemeMonday for the time until ADN shuts down. The blog post
              I propose a final #ThemeMonday for the time until ADN shuts down. The blog post: My #ThemeMonday page: Be *creative*, unlike I've been so far! :D
                Part of what caught me in this community was the little calls to creativity, without pressure. I'm still amazed by what could be expressed in 256 chars at #wedc, or in a small avatar at #thememonday. Definitely worth keeping.
                  @maxdavid Ok, thanks for the extra option. I should probably update my #ThemeMonday page. :)
                    @bazbt3 Doing #ThemeMonday right is having your avatar themed on Monday in every time zone. 👍🏻
                      @mrshaiku What's it like to change the world? :) #thememonday
                        <------ reversed for today since it's #ThemeMonday.
                          #ThemeMonday for February 8 is #UpsideDownMonday! Change your avatar, tell your friends! ;) (placeholder page.) (ADN Wiki page.)
                            #NowPlaying: Diana Ross - Upside Down (Motown's Greatest Hits) Download on iTunes [] #thememonday
                              Avatar updated for #UpdsideDownMonday and #ThemeMonday or should I say ʎɐpuoɯǝɯǝɥʇ# puɐ ʎɐpuoɯuʍopǝpıspdn# ɹoɟ pǝʇɐpdn ɹɐʇɐʌɐ
                                Attention ADN: Join in on THEME MONDAY!! 😊 You are invited to join in this ADN tradition by changing your profile picture for a day to this month's theme...UpsideDown! All in good fun! 👆👇🔄👍👎🔃🙃 #ThemeMonday #UpsideDownMonday #avatar