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    Facebook's auto-playing video ads coming this week, says WSJ | The Verge One of the comments says #teamgoogleplus. I'm thinking #teamappdotnet
      glad that i've had the chance to participate in in some tiny way, and interact with some cool people here. been a pretty cool year! /cc @dalton @berg @voidfiles @mintz #thanks #teamappdotnet
        great milestone, congrats #teamappdotnet. a high-quality community too :) RP @jonrussell It's not a numbers game, but congrats @dalton @berg & co >> hits 100,000 registered users, 9 months after launch #adn
          really loving the new website/landing page @dalton @berg @voidfiles #teamappdotnet the #passport concept is brilliant. I kept trying to think up of a tagline but couldn't expand beyond "platform".
            Okay, so I was vainly seeing what I'd posted on #adn since I had joined, and then this appeared… #PAN, you win at life!! #appnet #teamappdotnet -