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    FunctionFlip doesn't seem to be working for me post 10.10.4 update. Anyone else? #teamappdiction
      I need a good expenses app that supports multiple currencies and wallets!! Aby recommendations? #teamappdiction
        Discovered a really cool calendar app called Horizon. It has weather info for your events and notifications if the weather changes. Plus you can add travel time and get live traffic updates. You can also toggle between week and month views. #teamappdiction
          This great drawing and sketching app [Tayasui Sketches+]( the Pro version, it's universal for #iOS has gone free for a while. Take a look #teamappdiction
            Notifyr [] app allows you to receive all your iPhone notifications on your Mac (ALL, whatsapp included), has gone free for a while, so despite the reviews, if you wanna give it a shot now is the time. #TeamAppdiction
              Looking for a fast, super simple note taking app. Just needs to support Dopbox synching and Markdown. #teamappdiction
                @ronnie All right here we go! I’m going to have a Look at Tick Ricin too whether it will tick me LOL! Thanks Ronnie @cano #teamappdiction
                  Trying this! #teamappdiction >> @ccp: @zepfhyr I use Clips Video Editor by Fly Labs — It has served me well ;)
                    Act fast! Great deal here...iStat Menus 5, Circus Ponies Notebook 4, Jump Desktop, Hider 2, Noiseless, Beamer and more for $19.99 Stack Social Summer Bundle — MacSparky [] #teamappdiction
                      Okay, #teamappdiction, I am looking for a lightweight iPhone app that lets me grab a few video clips, trim them, and stitch them together into a single video. iMovie can do this, but it's cumbersome and takes up a stupid amount of space. Thoughts?
                        @ipod I've been using Unread []. It's fast, gorgeous, stable, and has a great UX. #teamappdiction
                          Which Feedly client do you use on your iPhone? The Feedly app is so broken to me #teamappdiction
                            You can stack notebooks with Alternote, which seems like it would be really useful. #teamappdiction
                              Makers of fine paper notebooks, Baron Fig, just released an iPhone notebook app...Mosaic - The App for Ideas. Described as "the best notebook on your phone". Mosaic – Baron Fig [] #baronfig #notebooks #teamappdiction image []
                                Started using Hours and Remind apps on iPhone. #Teamappdiction
                                  I'm rather liking the Hours app, which tells me that tomorrow's podscast took about 5.25 hours to produce, not counting the interview itself or the promotional gubbins when it goes live. And the app is free for a limited time. #teamappdiction
                                    Can’t recall if I shared how much I enjoyed Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure [] , so for the record I enjoyed it - a lot :) #teamappdiction Image []
                                      #teamappdiction question: I am looking for an iOS app that lets me read a book (text file, epub, I am not fussy) with the main goal of marking/tagging sections for later work. I am building a wiki about books and want to use this to prepare wiki entries.
                                        Time tracking app “Hours time tracking” by Tapity has gone from $7 to free for a short while. It’s supposed to be one of the best apps at time tracking, interested? take a look —> #teamappdiction
                                          Because one can never have too many notifications (or apps): How to receive alerts for almost anything using Hooks #teamappdiction