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    It's here! Check this MacStories list for some great deals. I picked up several already. #teamappdiction #blackfriday #MacStoriesDeals Black Friday 2015: The Best Deals for iPhone, iPad, Watch, and Mac Apps & Games [] image []
      PDF Expert 5 by Readdle [] ($10) one of the best PDF handling apps for #iOS has gone free as app of the week. Now available for Mac #osx too #teamappdiction
        So, #firefox is finally available for #iOS although a bit late to the browsers party, let's give it a shot #teamappdiction
          Smileworthy 2 Day Deal: PDFpen Scan+ 40% off #teamappdiction
            #teamappdiction: I've played all the GTA games available on iOS. What other good similar-ish games are there? An open game world is the most important aspect to me.
              These deals are great! I'm sure some of you can take advantage of it. That 64GB iPad Air 2 a $490 for starters it's a good one. Take a look and spread the word. Not sure what # to use let's start with #teamappdiction #sweetdeals
                Hey, #teamappdiction, I'm looking for a Notes alternative on iOS (for a client) and want to pick your brains. It needs a rock solid search feature and some sort of quick navigation through notes that are 20+ pages long. Plain text-only preferred. Thoughts?
                  So I recently replaced my #Pebble with a #AppleWatch. Really love it so far. Only have the built-in apps though.. :-/ Any recommendations for apps, I just have to own? #teamappdiction
                    Free at the moment: Next Keyboard - Beautiful Themes, New Emojis & Stickers Review here #teamappdiction
                      Can upload files to iCloud drive from the app, a share sheet, or some other action? #teamappdiction
                        Switching to Purify for content blocking in lieu of Crystal selling out to ad companies. And its on sale [] for $0.99 for a limited time! #teamappdiction
                          Smileworthy 4 Day Fall Deal 3 iOS apps from Smile for the price of one! If you already own any, you can complete your bundle for less too. #teamappdiction
                            Say goodbye to ads in iOS 9 with the new Crystal app for Safari #ios9 #teamappdiction Free for a limited time for early adopters!
                              Wanted: Android game that's REALLY boring to be used as a cure for insomnia. Must be silent and soporific. #teamappdiction
                                I will NOT install this. I will NOT install this… >> @laurafisher: Ooooh, really fun (addicting) new game on iOS: Sage Solitaire [] #teamAppdiction
                                  Ooooh, really fun (addicting) new game on iOS: Sage Solitaire [] #teamAppdiction
                                    #Whatsapp web is finalmy available for #iphone so, of you wanna give it a try (or don’t know what it is) -> #teamappdiction
                                      Anyone know if there’s a movie tracking app (for movies you’ve watched) similar to iShows? #TeamAppdiction
                                        Guys, don’t forget to check out matter [] is free as #appOfTheWeek in the #appstore it’s part of a family of image editing apps, that allow you to do great and different things!! #teamappdiction