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    Started using Hours and Remind apps on iPhone. #Teamappdiction
      I'm rather liking the Hours app, which tells me that tomorrow's podscast took about 5.25 hours to produce, not counting the interview itself or the promotional gubbins when it goes live. And the app is free for a limited time. #teamappdiction
        Can’t recall if I shared how much I enjoyed Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure [] , so for the record I enjoyed it - a lot :) #teamappdiction Image []
          #teamappdiction question: I am looking for an iOS app that lets me read a book (text file, epub, I am not fussy) with the main goal of marking/tagging sections for later work. I am building a wiki about books and want to use this to prepare wiki entries.
            Time tracking app “Hours time tracking” by Tapity has gone from $7 to free for a short while. It’s supposed to be one of the best apps at time tracking, interested? take a look —> #teamappdiction
              Because one can never have too many notifications (or apps): How to receive alerts for almost anything using Hooks #teamappdiction
                Get ready for some head-spinning fun with Apple’s latest free App of the Week – Twisty Hollow #teamappdiction
                  I forgot to mention that Divvy is usually $14 now $1.99 (in the Mac AppStore) don’t know for how long. #teamappdiction
                    This app looks like a timesaver for people (like me) that finds organizing different windows on the screen manually, a bit hideos. Divvy makes it simple(er) for both #OSX and #windows —> #teamappdiction
                      Has anyone found a way to move just the Mobile Applications folder under the iTunes folder on a Mac to another drive? I’d like to free up space on my drive. I have 121G of apps. (Yes, really.) #teamappdiction
                        That moment when you see a cool app (like Geekbench go free only to click the App Store link to find that you've not only gotten it already, but it's on your device. Welcome to #teamappdiction
                          RSS reader - Newsflow with feedly, feedbag, feed wrangler and newsblur syncing, usually $5 now FREE for today only, check it out #teamappdiction —>
                            Vesper note-taking app adds first iPad version, landscape support for iPhone #teamappdiction #productivity
                              Popular Wireless Printing App For iOS Has Gone Free, Download It From Here [$6.99 Value] | Redmond Pie #teamappdiction
                                These days, I’m looking forward to seeing these cats.🐱 #teamappdiction Image []
                                  Hey #teamappdiction anybody have good experience with GoodNotes 4?