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    @thelma I'm still mostly using #PAN and it works fine. You have one of those fance BIG iphones?
      @thelma Hi and congratulations. I'm still using iOS 7 but #PAN works fine for photos that way.
        So Felix on my iPad and #PAN on my phone won't attach photos. What have I missed? What apps still work? I need to post a picture of my grandson!
          @indigo yes r notifications on #pan working? @kosso
            @tellingtales you can still use #pan and there is also sunlit, chimp, And riposte.
              Pardon me! I’m testing #PAN app and my BLIMS account. Sorry!
                @phoneboy Yes, I really like #PAN and how easy it is. Just thought it would be nice to have something that non-ADNers could get. Just a page with a list of episodes and RSS/subscribe. Don’t mind an extra uploading step. @matigo @jeremycherfas @oluseyi
                  @laurafisher aren't you recording your podcasts with #PAN? There is a usable RSS feed for you on which means they can be subscribed to via @matigo @jeremycherfas
                    @variablepulserate Today it’s because I have a terrible internet connection. In general, I think there are some interactions between #PAN and the other clients that probably aren’t going to be fixed. I don’t know the best system for posting photos here now
                      Why is this message from #pan Image []
                        I reinstalled #PAN app on iPhone. Let's see whether this will get me some where in prepping for podcasting :)
                          @braincutlery I used my phone. And the #PAN app. Uploaded to bl.ims. Easy peasy! @matigo @jeremycherfas
                            @jeremycherfas @laurafisher @matigo I sometimes use Chimp for this purpose, same basic idea as using #PAN. My process for my daily podcast is only moderately more elaborate :)
                              @laurafisher you have such a nice voice! See how easy it is? @Kosso really knocked it out of the park with and #pan. Those do sound like nice books. How long does the curing process take? I'd be more worried about the space and time needed.
                                @laurafisher @matigo @phoneboy Yup, the simplest is to use the earbuds with mic and do it straight in with #pan No time for second thoughts or fumbles. If you don't like what you've got, you throw it away and start again.
                                  @laurafisher well, @phoneboy uses his phone. @jeremycherfas does, too, to record his DDP. You can do it all with #PAN and post right to ADN :)
                                    @joanna hmmm, no push from #pan either. Where can one get a push these days for iOS on #ADN :-/
                                      @meemee Nope. I will try to post a clip. We'll see if #PAN will cooperate with me today. :-)
                                        @33mhz you noticed the date in this right? April of 2013... #pan 2.0 has been out for a very long time.