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    Trying old ADN apps: still workable on iOS 8.4.1 are #PAN,, Stream & Zephyr.
      August 24th. Today I'm talking about music on the road. #ddp #austinmusic (Another #PAN failure. Sigh. You can still listen if you like.)
        @matigo Very kind of you to notice I have been AWOL. Just life has changed so much over two years. Also, I don’t get notifications via #Pan any more on my phone. I’ve got Twitter too and feed that, mainly @jmollins
          August 22nd. A bit of an odd music night for me last night. #ddp #austinmusic Another #PAN hiccup. I'm not sure what's going wrong but the ADN post refuses to show up. Maybe I just need to work on staying under 5 minutes?
            @jaminguy nice. Will you be adding any of the other recently-revived functionality to Riposte before the update goes live? Chimp, Broadsword, and Nice all support LongPosts now, as well as in-line audio files for people publishing podcasts through #Pan :)
              Thank you, that works. >> @jeremycherfas: @ha_jo Sorry about that. I had to switch from #pan to @Chimp. The correct feed is
                @ha_jo Sorry about that. I had to switch from #pan to @Chimp. The correct feed is
                  I'm having issues posting from #PAN today. I've contacted Kosso. You may not get a #ddp #austinmusic post from me, though. We'll see.
                    BTW, if you want to subscribe to my #ddp posts via a podcast reader, the URL is That'll get all my #PAN audio posts.
                      @sumudu you can record with anything. @jeremycherfas did it last year with #Pan, and I know a lot of people really tried out Auphonic last year with the project, too :) // @keita
                        Mis de trailer voor Pan niet! Kijk nu op #Pan
                          @blumenkraft Or a bot faking to post with #pan :) // @theresheis
                            @svogt nope, not a bot! :) (posting with #pan) // @theresheis
                              #Jose Benito - #Pan American Art Projects specializes in art of the Americas with the mission to build a bridge between North and South American cultures -
                                #Leon Ferrari - #Pan American Art Projects to reflects our evolution into a dynamic contemporary art venture -
                                  @pme I think I may have downloaded Rivr back in our heyday just to see what it was about but never used it thoroughly. I preferred #PAN for media-based clients. @matigo @whoisashygirl
                                    There we go. 1:14am, but I managed to push out some updates to Nice that now allow for audio file uploads as well as in-post playing of audio files from Chimp and Nice. I'll be adding support for other sources, such as #PAN and SoundCloud in time :)
                                      @matigo Couldn't get the file into #Pan to upload, and not sure how to upload to without. Worth every penny of the cash to @ludolphus not just fro Chimp but for everything elswe he's done. I'd prefer to stay with, but ...
                                        Remind me not to experiment with ADN posting methods, when I actually want things to work. Nice doesn't handle an audio upload yet, I have the file, but cannot get it into #Pan. Maybe Cauldron can do the needful. Nope; only images. Maybe I need Chimp.
                                          @jeremycherfas darn. Integration between Voice Recorder and #Pan is not what I hoped it would be. Let me see if I can retrieve this somehow.