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    @arjankoole Chimp is maintained, Jupp is maintained (post only app with awesome share extension), hAppy and #PAN still work, and there is a Riposte beta you just need to ask to get in on. :)
      @rprokic There is the Riposte Beta, contact @jaminguy to get that. Plus Chimp is in development. Zephyr from a few years ago surprisingly works in iOS 9.2. hAppy isn't being worked on but still works. #PAN 2.0 mostly works. Also try web app.
        #Margarita Woods works at #Panamericanart. #Pan American Art Projects is a dynamic, contemporary art venture specializing in #art of the Americas -
          Time to post from #pan because I was just relaxing by scrolling through I haven't put a photo there in quite a while but that's because I really haven't taken many.
            @lukasros iOS clients #pan and Chimp can do that
              @amy apps working on iOS9: hAppy Chimp #PAN Prose filez Jupp Plink Filapp Appiast - crashes sometimes
                Looks like I got #Pan working on my 3GS again. Which means I can ADN from work tomorrow, unless something b0rks it during the night.
                  Seems like #Pan is a good option for those on something like an iPhone 3GS. Easy to login via the passport, and really works well. No crash yet.
                    @manx Thanks! Glad to see #PAN still alive. 😊
             apps working on iOS9: hAppy Chimp #PAN Prose filez Jupp Plink Filapp Appiast - crashes sometimes
                        @sulgi hAppy, Chimp. Riposte if you have the beta. I posted ok from #PAN. Felix doesn’t work. There’s another one, but I can’t remember the name.
                          Trying old ADN apps: still workable on iOS 8.4.1 are #PAN,, Stream & Zephyr.
                            August 24th. Today I'm talking about music on the road. #ddp #austinmusic (Another #PAN failure. Sigh. You can still listen if you like.)
                              @matigo Very kind of you to notice I have been AWOL. Just life has changed so much over two years. Also, I don’t get notifications via #Pan any more on my phone. I’ve got Twitter too and feed that, mainly @jmollins
                                August 22nd. A bit of an odd music night for me last night. #ddp #austinmusic Another #PAN hiccup. I'm not sure what's going wrong but the ADN post refuses to show up. Maybe I just need to work on staying under 5 minutes?