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    Happy #newyearseve everyone! We're downtown #losangeles at the #MinimalEffort show! :') #minimaleffort #losangeles #newyearseve
      I would like to go to #NewYearsEve in Times Square someday, but with a twist. Rather than being on that street for 12+ hours, I hope to be able to spend it in one of the high rises where it's a lot warmer and probably places to relax before and after.
        As much as I would love to go out for #NewYearsEve, I find that staying home is the best place to be. If I wanted to get trashed, I can get trashed all I want and my bed is right there to pass out on. Plus I won't have to drive! Plus I save a lot of money…
          Not 1 but 2 Disney franchise appearances on #nhk #NewYearsEve never ending sing song extravaganza this year.
            RT V&A: 12 Days of #vamShoes: #Cinderella slipper. Unlike Cinders we hope to celebrate beyond midnight! #NewYearsEve
              .@Meta_watch drops a firmware upgrade, new faces, and new manager for #NewYearsEve