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    @zwentner Diese Developer haben das #Freemium Modell nicht verstanden.
      #Office für #iPad ist #Freemium - lesen und präsentieren darf jeder; Inhalte bearbeiten geht nur mit Office-365-Abonnement...
        Als grosser Fan Games #DungeonKeeper macht es mich wirklich traurig, dass a) das Spiel durch sein #Freemium Modell so negativ bewetet wird, und b) das wiedermal darauf verzichtet wurde eine #FullyPaid Version zusätzlich anzubieten.
          #RT App Annie 2013 Index Flags Up Freemium’s Onward March & Why Many Devs Still Go iOS First: Mobile app analytics firm App Annie has put out a retrospective... #Apps #TC #AppAnnie #freemium #messagingapps #AlSalamanty ^WN
            #Freemium Apps Accounted For Nearly All App Revenue In 2013"
              If #Apple wants #iOS to be taken seriously as a gaming platform they have to end the #Freemium madness.
                Interesting debate — #freemium vs #premium — I get it; but is free sometimes the cost of doing business?
                  Just Like Good Wine, Vivino Wine Scanner Gets Better With Time -- AppAdvice #wine #apps #freemium
                    @angelique nope, #freemium in the same way as #Dropbox for example. A basic service for free, to add value to the global #ecosystem. @mrfresh
                      @45h What's the #freemium model? You see ads? Which go away if you pay? @mrfresh
                        @angelique even though there’s a #freemium model introduced, obviously it’s a paid service. #Here I’m a customer and pay for a service. That makes a world of difference. @mrfresh
                          @ntalbott hello there! :) nice to meet you, hope you had a great day. I really wanted to follow you back, but as you can see i am a #freemium user. But i'll follow you once i become a "citizen" :)
                            @johnpatkinson hey John, hope you had a great day. Thank you for the follow. I really wanted to follow you back, but as you can see, i am a #freemium user. I'll follow you once i am a "citizen" ;)
                              @sirskidmore hey there! Thankyou for the follow. Lookin forward to have conversation with you. Apologize I really really wanted to follow back but you see i am a #freemium user :p but i promise i will when i am a complete "citizen" ;)
                                @cnet: Sid Meier lets fly with mobile game -- and why you'll be happy to pay” | Try to Buy model instead of #freemium