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    This is true, I must concur. There's nothin' like taking a great app, and makin' it better-er. Much like #Felix. ☥ @ronnie: @davmendels In addition to the newly added URL schemes, DashPlus just seems faster and more refined. Nice work.
      Hey all you crazy cats, a #designer acquaintance of mine just joined #ADN and got #Felix. Please give a warm welcome/follow to @abratt // @po @joanna @berklee @kohlmannj @trine @kosso @michelelewis @spacecab @sham @saket @thelma @ronnie @ryantharp
        I have compieted my search for Twitter and ready Apps for iOS7 and iPad Winners are #Felix and #Twitterrific
          Accidentally gestured my #Felix theme from dark to, I kinda forgot how nice the classic theme is too. :)
            I asked my daughter what the sounds were I heard. It appears they we're mention notifications from #felix on my iPod. :-)
              Okie doke, back home and the #Felix push server's back, thanks for your patience.
                @Ronnie & I have our ADN wires crossed. I blame #Felix's dead notifications. Or perhaps they're resting? It's been a long day and all, with that Heartbleed bullshit and all. Also, CAROUSEL!!!
                  #Felix push is probably down for its beloved users. I'll be able to check it out when I get home in a few hours.
                    Wouldn't I be cool of #Felix or #Pan had the option of viewing a users images/media only? Little like #Tweetbot. Know I could use the sometimes. :)
                      @shawna @jmreekes @pan what a great discussion! Good to hear I'm not alone/insane :D I was starting to doubt myself... I'm gonna have to check the #felix settings :)
                        @joggl Oh, habe ich wohl übersehen. schaue ich gleich mal. #Felix war mir immer wegen des Entwicklers sympathisch, aber ich komme einfach nicht von #hAppy los :-) Und dachte, Patter wäre vielleicht ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal.
                          @maxleibman @netbot @tapbots I hear you, though The functionality as well as design of #felix will make it up to you several times over ;)
                            Die Entscheidung ist gefallen. #felix auf dem iPhone und #hAppy auf dem Mini. Die Quersicht mit Menü rockt einfach!
                              Is anyone having issues with #felix crashing? #apple #iPhone5
                                @freezingoutside #felix is my fave that I've tried.
                                  @geiststreicher Was erneut beweist, dass jeder "intuitiv" anders empfindet :) #felix
                                    @kambfhase Das hatte ich jetzt auch noch nicht. Aber Fehler gibt es, das stimmt. Ich finde #Felix nur einfach furchtbar unübersichtlich. Das geht für mich auf dem iPhone, aber nicht auf dem iPad. Also bleibe ich doch lieber bei @hAppy.