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    The Freshest Shoebag - Aercase. Anti-odor. Anti-bacterial. [] Aercase actively fights against the odor and bacteria coming from your athletic shoes, so you can enjoy a fresh, active lifestyle. Launched 25 hours ago in #Fashion. At 30% with 18 backers.
      Constance Jablonski for H&M - Collection Exclusive Conscious #Combinations #Fashion ...
        A modern take on the classic automatic dive watch [] High specification watches at a price anyone can afford. Titanium case, ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal and automatic movement Launched 2 minutes ago in #Fashion. At 12% with 15 backers. (GB)
          VAULT Travel Wallet: Travel well, Travel light | with RFID [] This stylish RFID blocking technology travel wallet carries your travel essentials including passport, credit cards & boarding pass. Launched 5 hours ago in #Fashion. At 10% with 15 backers. (AU)