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    @duerig I have There was a discussion iframe in this post which was basically an #ADNThreads link but the service is long dead, so I removed that iFrame...
      @jasoncoffee you can insert an ADN 'status' widget, a "latest post" widget & longposts on your blog. Unfortunately, @appeio's awesome #ADNthreads feature that allowed proper thread views is no longer available... I miss that concept...
        @hxf148 Any possibility of making #ADNThreads viewable when not logged in?
          Anyone using #ADNThreads as comments? It's pretty awesome!
            @pocketbot I'm not a dev and don't feel tech literate enough on ADN. I'm just kind of observing for now because I love the potential. A partisan approach just wouldn't work for what I'm into. Kudos on #ADNthreads though.
              @Appeio Help an old boy understand #ADNThreads... Is it an alternative, say, to the FB comments plugin when embedded on a site? For example, I should add the iframe at the end of a blog post using a URL like ``
                @pocketbot I just realized #ADNThreads doesn't work with dashes ("-") in the URL...