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    Yay, my #adnsecretsanta envelope has arrived!
      Going to the post office next monday. I'll send all the gifts home, also... #adnsecretsanta
        @adamvdv Actually I didn't purchase it either, @bondman gave it to me for #adnsecretsanta last year. :-) @1password
          Are we going to have #ADNSecretSanta this year again?
            Ok, I really want to do #adnsecretsanta again this year. I obviously don't have time to get all fancy like we were last year, but if a group of y'all are interested, we can do a smaller scale version. Thoughts?
              So I guess we are not doing #adnsecretsanta again this year? 😔 That's a real shame as it was quite fun last year.
                @swhitley noooooo, #adnsecretsanta must not die! no srsly, sorry to hear that! I'd be willing to help, e. g. responding to e-mails or something like that. But I'm afraid without your app this is not doable in time.
                  @swhitley anyway if you have time, maybe a short addition to this #adnsecretsanta wiki page, to incl anyone to take over? Dont worry abt the formatting :)
                    @elyse That's true. I believe the story of #ADNSecretSanta will be on the @wiki to get some interest going. @swhitley maybe you wanna add on? @charl we can add that in the hashtag page right?
                      @swhitley Hey man we gonna do another #adnsecretsanta again???
                        Almost a year later, I still use my disappearing TARDIS mug almost every day. #adnsecretsanta //cc @little
                          @smc would be an epic white elephant gift... Wait!! #adnsecretsanta!! //@jessicadennis
                            @saket @formfireglass @mps Okay, I've decided I do not have the time or energy this year. Someone else will need to drive the #ADNSecretSanta Sleigh.
                              @formfireglass @mps I'd definitely participate again, but don't have the infrastructure to run it. If @swhitley could organize or help someone else get set up, that would be awesome! #adnsecretsanta
                                @mps Aha. I have no idea. @swhitley organized it last year, right? I can't organize – way too many things on my plate. Happy to shout about it and participate if someone wants to take the reins. #adnsecretsanta
                                  @mps Sorry - misunderstood!!! I posted a pic of a house I was working on. :) thought you were suggesting that as a gift… #adnsecretsanta is good by me, I'll play.
                                    So... #adnsecretsanta? We doing that again this year? Was super fun last time.
                                      @annatarkov @po It just seems like a disappointing holiday gift. Though you just know if we do #adnsecretsanta again this year, _someone_ is going to get this.