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    Benchmarking & speed testing my MBP vs the newer MBA. Geekbench 3: MBA 6362, MBP 9000. Both have Samsung SSDs, the MBA has a proprietary Apple one, the MBA has a 3rd-party 830 series that's getting a bit long in the tooth. Blackmagic… Read More [] #adnblog
      Mattress is now out for kerbside collection. Awkward getting it out there, straight into the teeth of a 27 kph wind. I had it upright on its long side, with a four-wheeled trolley/convertible handcart underneath and making good… Read More [] #adnblog
        @smc Currently I use Apple's silicone cases. I like to… - - #adnblog
          In an effort to keep my 2011 MBA & MBP a bit more relevant, I ordered a Kanex T/bolt to usb3/Gigabit Ethernet adaptor from Apple. Had I chosen to have it sent to me, it would come on May 2. But by choosing to pick it up from the… Read More [] #adnblog
            Received two emails from Microsoft re OneDrive storage changes. One (two days ago) said I'd be unaffected by the 15 GB to 5 GB drop and I would retain the 15 GB camera roll bonus. The email that arrived this morning said the exact… Read More [] #adnblog
              The Developer version of the Opera web browser now includes free VPN, supplied via a Canadian company owned by Opera. This company is called SurfEasy, and stable Alpha or Beta versions of Opera need to use SurfEasy separately to get… Read More [] #adnblog
                "Fuck off. You're a scammer, you're a dickhead, get fucked!" My words to the idiot who phoned claiming to be from the "Technical Department" of my ISP calling about an alleged Internet problem. I worked for that mob for over 30 years… Read More [] #adnblog
                  Great. Back, knee & hip pain today. The plan to walk from the Toyota service place to McD's Cafe (400m) while my car is worked on today may get a revision. Might be spending the time in the service centre's waiting room. They have… Read More [] #adnblog
                    So Copy is closing their Copy & CudaDrive services. Ah well, all I used was 1.2 GB of 32 GB, hadn't uploaded anything for two years anyhow. Was just a backup of the Documents folders on my MBA & MBP. No loss. I learned last week that… Read More [] #adnblog
                      @0xmf Confluence (from Atlassian) accepts some Wiki markup when you're… - - #adnblog
                        Leroy got a job down at the broom factory. On his first day the floor supervisor calls old Leroy into his little office and says, "You the new man, huh?  What is yer name?" Leroy replied "Leroy" The boss says "I don't call anyone… Read More [] #adnblog
                          'Said Doremus, "Hm. Yes, I agree it's a serious time.… - - #adnblog
                            Is it possible to use a cheap 3 volt CR2… - - #adnblog
                              Via IFTTT "We've worked with our partners to migrate to… - - #adnblog
                                MJF is contracted with multiple carriers for auto, homeowners, renters flood and umbrella insurance. - - #adnblog