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    MJF Insurance is an independent Insurance agency, this means we… - - #adnblog
      In case I do go to my cousin's wife's funeral… - - #adnblog
        @kdfrawg Unsurprising. I've been badly affected by losing my mother.… - - #adnblog
          Monica Lewinsky released the following statement on Hillary Clinton's run for President: "I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. The last Clinton Presidency left a bad taste in my mouth. As we get closer to November of this election… Read More [] #adnblog
            Fuck cancer. Tomorrow our community lays my first male lover to his rest. We met as we both explored our socially-different* sexual desires & expectations 26 years ago. The past 12 months have not been great as we watched our friend… Read More [] #adnblog
              A Muslim couple, preparing for their wedding, meet the Mullah for counselling. He asks if they have any last questions before they leave. The man asks, "We realize it's a tradition in Islam for men to dance with men, and women to… Read More [] #adnblog
                "I'm calling from xxxxx lighting....." "If you have called about replacing halogen downlights, forget about it." "I'm calling anout replacing halogen downlights...." "Did you hear what I just said?" "Something about forget… Read More [] #adnblog
                  That was a most ugly night. Got to bed around 11:30 pm after a meeting. After about three hours the shivering started, I was feeling way colder than the environment itself was. Went for a long hot shower then donned my thermal… Read More [] #adnblog
                    I was disparaging about Launchpad when it first appeared on OS X, thinking it's sole value was in getting iPad users more accustomed to a Mac way of doing things. But now I use it as an app launcher Tap F4, enter the first two… Read More [] #adnblog
                      The 6th gen iPod Touch that got drowned has finally failed to respond: the battery is totally FUCT. But I wasn't using the 5th gen iPod Touch very much, so I restored the dud one's backup to the good one. Back in action again, albeit… Read More [] #adnblog