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    I was disparaging about Launchpad when it first appeared on OS X, thinking it's sole value was in getting iPad users more accustomed to a Mac way of doing things. But now I use it as an app launcher Tap F4, enter the first two… Read More [] #adnblog
      The 6th gen iPod Touch that got drowned has finally failed to respond: the battery is totally FUCT. But I wasn't using the 5th gen iPod Touch very much, so I restored the dud one's backup to the good one. Back in action again, albeit… Read More [] #adnblog
        @jussipekonen I used QuickTime X to trim the video into sections between 30 & 40 seconds long, then used MacroPlant's Adapter app to convert to .mp3 & .m4a files. Then I renamed the .m4a ones to .m4r & imported them into iTunes where… Read More [] #adnblog
          Wow, beautiful. Early morning. The field behind the houses over… - - #adnblog
            One problem with being a Mac collector is iTunes being limited to 5 computers per account. I have 10 Macs that are used semi-regularly so yesterday I deauthorised all of them across two iTunes accounts. I've decided which ones are to… Read More [] #adnblog
              So there is a NYT article making the RSS feed… - - #adnblog
                I was hoping to downgrade my ADN account thinking the… - - #adnblog
                  That was a seriously weird problem, don't know what caused it. Suddenly I was unable to log into either of my MS OneDrive accounts with the Mac app due to keychain shenanigans. I tried all manner of weird fixes, none worked. The… Read More [] #adnblog
                    @cano unfortunately that is a major problem with Epson printers… - - #adnblog
                      Benchmarking & speed testing my MBP vs the newer MBA. Geekbench 3: MBA 6362, MBP 9000. Both have Samsung SSDs, the MBA has a proprietary Apple one, the MBA has a 3rd-party 830 series that's getting a bit long in the tooth. Blackmagic… Read More [] #adnblog
                        Mattress is now out for kerbside collection. Awkward getting it out there, straight into the teeth of a 27 kph wind. I had it upright on its long side, with a four-wheeled trolley/convertible handcart underneath and making good… Read More [] #adnblog
                          @smc Currently I use Apple's silicone cases. I like to… - - #adnblog
                            In an effort to keep my 2011 MBA & MBP a bit more relevant, I ordered a Kanex T/bolt to usb3/Gigabit Ethernet adaptor from Apple. Had I chosen to have it sent to me, it would come on May 2. But by choosing to pick it up from the… Read More [] #adnblog
                              Received two emails from Microsoft re OneDrive storage changes. One (two days ago) said I'd be unaffected by the 15 GB to 5 GB drop and I would retain the 15 GB camera roll bonus. The email that arrived this morning said the exact… Read More [] #adnblog