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    Verflixt! #ADN soll schließen. Irgendwie schade 😢 hatte es doch recht vielversprechend begonnen…
      Hey everyone. I'm really sad to see #ADN go. Was a great time in my life. Let me know how we can stay connected. Twitter: @__briancallahan Ping me if you want other contact/social networking info.
        Wow, that last post was my 57,000th. I had no idea...but kind of sad too. So many good memories here. #adn
          Make sure to share this Valentine's day with someone special, #ADN. #MondayNightDanceParty
            This Valentine's day, we here at #ADN would like to remind you, you only live twice. #MondayNightDanceParty
              “We may not be huge, but there is a small hardcore userbase that actually uses this thing — it’s not a science project, it’s got a heartbeat. And we have momentum.” - Dalton Caldwell, 2013 #QuoteSunday #adn
                Good morning ADN! Been busy with some things irl, but am doing well. I've missed you all! Only recently heard the sad news about 😥 Thank you ADN and everyone here for all the great memories and good times! 😔 #longliveadn #adn
                  Yow, the timeline is obliterating itself. #adn
                    @tomcat @cgiffard I got notified of my Archive link on 2017-01-13T23:55 MET. IIRC I requested it some time after reading the blog post of #ADN shutting down from Jan 12th. Maybe 2 days, at most. Wouldn't take it for granted, though. Think "bank run" :-)
                      Schade, dass #ADN geht! Auch wenn ich es nicht (mehr) genutzt habe, ist es nie gut wenn Alternativen wegbrechen. Solltet ihr ein Netz in Nutzerhand suchen: das dezentrale GNU Social freut sich auf euch!
                        thanks @duerig for So many people have had great discussions on it over the years! #adn
                          thanks for all of your work @ludolphus! #adn
                   is shutting down []. I am grateful to @dalton for his vision. Thanks Dalton, @berg, and team for providing 3rd-party developers a place to build. I am sad that I will not be able to finish @mypageapp. I met cool folks and devs. See you out there..#adn
                              Thanks to YOU all … I've enjoyed every minute of this. Love #ADN Until anything new comes up from this, I've got the same handle acocunt over Twitter.
                                Ich weiß nicht, wie viele von euch hier #ADN als primäres oder einziges Netzwerk verwenden. Für diese Leute schlage ich euch GNU Social als Ersatz vor. Das ist dezentral und unkommerziell. Ich bin dort als erreichbar.
                                  @lukasros mr. Lukas why many problms on app net like IFTTT / Zapier / ..... fix api #ADN
                                    Noch 2 Wochen bis zum Subscription-Renew. #ADN
                                      Is everyone active on #ADN ?