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    @oluseyi @matigo @streakmachine My #1 feature which is why I always go Downcast is syncing with OS X without needing iTunes. Honestly most of the other settings I just don’t use. If Marco had an OS X version I’d reconsider I suspect.
      Old Note #1: "An under-tended web server is not a benignly overgrown country garden. Instead it's a toxic tailing pond full of mutant GMO zombie alligators waiting to chomp short the career of the hapless admin that allows things to get into that state."
        @adiabatic @johngordon f there’s some way to set one computer as “master” and redownload to all other computers Apple should do it even if it is buried in the iCloud settings. The lack of being able to fix anything is their remaining #1 problem.
          Justin Bieber Just Beat His Own Song for the #1 Slot on the Billboard…
            Coder’s Weaknesses #1 – The Try/Catch
              Project «Mama’s Laptop von Windows XP zu Linux» #3: Die Installation [] «« Zurückblättern: Project «Mama’s Laptop von Windows XP zu Linux» #1: Die Wahl der Distribution Wie installiert man eigentlich ein Linux? Nicht Alle schlafen mit einem Computer unter de…
                For #1 it is culture fit, not policy. Nature over nurture!
                  Here is Balance #1. I just finished it. #ZenColor -
                    @prometheus #1 is a natural conservative. We knew he'd vote GOP since he was 3yo. Likes predictable routine, hierarchy, authority figures. He'd probably vote Trump
                      Listening to the GOP debate. So far Christie is doing some damage. Not sure it'll save him though. Trump has not been impressive. Cruz and Rubio are right on message but sound like tape recorders, and Rubio is target #1.
                        Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is The #1 Movie Of All Time In America - 50 days since Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released in theatres, and it has already grossed over $900 million at the box office nationwide, according to Disney. This makes ...
                          6 Scalable Link Building Strategies. You Won’t Believe #1 via @agencyanalytics #SEO
                            Fabienne Sutter #1 right now. But Vonn is yet to come…