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    #christmastreeoff And now I am turning them off...
      'Arrested Development' is 'definitely' coming back, says series creator Mitch Hurwitz
        @stevestreza Did it feel natural on you, or did it's presence at least not feel weird enough to outweigh the benefits of it?
          CocoaConf Alt is open for registration. 5 days of great tech sessions, right next door to #WWDC! We’ll be in session when WWDC is in session and out when it’s out. It’s the perfect mix of training and show-cializing!
            @nhk Yea, development fell behind and it wasn’t selling well so I took it off the App Store.
              "Did you beat Daddy in chess again?" "Mama, can I tell you a secret? I don't think Daddy's that smart."
                @marcozehe I understand. Hopefully now that the big part of this project is done I can work on it. Whatever happens it won’t be thrown away because it is a good base of an app but it needs polish and all the features popularized while it has been dormant.
                  @marcozehe It’s on pause for now, I saw more potential in this project and I feel that NetBot is better than Snapp and it would be hard to catch it up. It’s not dead but I haven’t decided the next step. I’m considering seeing if someone would like to help.
                    Very excited, just submitted a new app of mine. You’ll just have to wait and find out what it is though:
                      @dan Apparently this is in Austin. I think you need to go there in person.
                        @berg I think I found a bug with's OAuth login page that allows users to sign up for an account even if the parameter stating it's for the app store is passed.
                          Finally caved in today, I upgraded my free Dropbox account to 100GB. Should have done that a while ago.
                            @davidkrauser It does work, it doesn’t throw an error.
                              @harryslotwiner I remember being a train once when a fellow passenger was using google satellite maps for the first time. In a panic, he calls his wife: "Doris, the caravan's gone! Go look out the front of the house!"