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    One thing Apple could do differently this year: announce WWDC on Wednesday, but not sell tickets until the next day. Sounds like a good way to DOS, but this would make it more like a lottery, with less advantage to certain time zones.
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      @gruber the “fairest” thing to do might be to be predictable and do it exactly like last year
        @gruber Maybe instead of a full day in advance, just a 1-hour notice when the finance call wraps up. That'd help get the word out without making it completely random.
          @manton @gruber Would be unfair to people in another time zone. By the time they wake up and realize WWDC has been announced after earnings call, all tickets would be sold out.
            @uliwitness @gruber Yeah, it's still not fair but seems a little better, since there's more time to notify friends in other timezones, or get near a computer.
              @manton @gruber But what makes it better than 24 hours? Imagine someone on a flight to SF. It’d still be sold out once they’re near internet again. Few flights last 24 hours, and everyone’s been awake to hear of WWDC & arrange for ticket purchase.
                @manton With Q&A and feedback forums gone, why not just make it bigger? Would need a bigger facility, but maybe we are at that point. @gruber @uliwitness
                  @gruber It would discriminate against people with shitty Internet connections (like me). There’s no fair way, short of an actual lottery, which would suck.
                    @willie @uliwitness @gruber Yeah, I think bigger is fine too. Probably not 2x (and definitely not "SXSW" big), but a different venue would help. Limit might be on available Apple engineers.
                      @gruber I like the idea of sending email to random developer account emails. Do it slowly and keep doing it until all slots are sold.
                        @gruber after last year’s fiasco I could definitely see that happening.
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                            @davidsheeks #fanboi alert! People are giving ideas to AAPL which would prevent #fanbois from entering WWDC! @gruber
                              @gruber Time zones disadvantaged: Australia and New Zealand. 25 April is Anzac Day in both countries.
                                @gruber Maps on Mac for sure. Lot more exciting. ;)
                                  @gruber also les advantage for those who are eager enough to be actively monitoring (and losing sleep) etc.
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                                      @markaufflick @gruber Except for those of us that live on the other side of the world and now have to get up at 3am to see if we even have a chance to get a ticket !
                                        @willie @gruber I think they should do keynote and kickoffs as webcasts, produce session videos *ahead* of WWDC, and release the videos a week or so beforehand. Have WWDC be all labs, group Q&A sessions, and drinking.
                                          @willie @gruber Passive lecture attendance isn't WWDC's value proposition - videos provide that. Give devs time to digest and try new material pre-WWDC, then they'd have better questions and feedback for engineers.
                                            @wowbagger @gruber sure, but it will be 3am here (1am in Perth, 5am in NZ) on the 26th when tickets go on sale.
                                              @davidsheeks @gruber that’s what they’re doing for the student scholarships.
                                                @uliwitness @manton @gruber Sydney->Copenhagen is 24-29h with *good* connections.